Living Metal: Rebirth

November 3, 2017 WS 0

Living Metal: Rebirth sets in the year 2275, one hundred years after a fail attempt for independents by the colonies on Mars. Anna, a local […]

The Creative Process behind Xob

October 24, 2017 WS 0

‎by Kyrun Silva‎  October 21 at 1:16pm · Emeryville, CA When creating the story for Xob. I wanted that menacing villain that combines brains and brawn. […]


October 12, 2017 WS 0

Caleb Thusat shared Alter-Life‘s post. Yesterday at 9:24am Official Issue 4 Cover Reveal! Get it October 15th at

Rapid Eye #2 Page Preview

October 12, 2017 WS 0

Bobby Torres 15 hrs Rapid Eye #2 Page Preview After unknowingly obtaining confidential governmental documents, CIA Operative Eddie Phillips becomes a mission target sourced by […]

Aceblade 3: The Undercard

September 26, 2017 WS 0

Aceblade 3: The Undercard (CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT IT ) Back from the brink of death, our hero sets out to find the man responsible […]