Carlos Villas you wanna get Loco with THE 7 DEADLY QUESTIONS???

215009_10150249570474965_4431637_nName:  CARLOS VILLAS
Nom De Plume: VILLAS
Contact Info:

If you could have a 1 power:  HEALING POWER FOR ANYONE I TOUCH

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Carlos Villas Be Warned these guys are 7 types of crazy because they are

The7Deadly   Questions

LEAVE_ON_THE_LIGHT_1carlos-villas-fairyWhat is your  best piece of work you have done to date, and do you think you can do better??
Usually the best piece is the most recent or one of the most recent ones.  Today I think my best carlos-villas-heavy-metal-cover-2piece is this one called THE CROW which I have just finished a couple of days ago.   Of course I can do better, you can always do better, that`s exactly the name of the game, get better with every brush stroke.  I was just looking at some work I did 2 years ago that I thought was amazing and now it just makes me laugh!  You carlos-villas-jokerhave to get better and better every day, invest in yourself and just carlos-villas-murder-zombieskeep going.

What a comic book title you would love to work on ?
 I love Batman`s darkness, I would love to be able to bring my twisted dark view to its characters.  Either that one or being given the chance to do my own universe and characters. I would love to have the time and trust to do carlos-villas-zombie-spocksomething like that

carlos-villas-zombie-rayoDo you think the top 2 publishers have gotten lazy and just expect fans to buy anything?
That might not be a yes or no question, what I do think is that I love to see what the indies are coming with, and I`ve always liked more horror and mystery comics and graphic novels than the usual super hero stuff, but that`s just me. 

carlos-villas-blade-soul-purple-version-rgbcarlos-villas-crow1Do you think sexuality in comics is underused, used wrong or being done just right currently?
For me, they can use it however they see fit. If i like it I read it and if I don`t i just pick something else. I`m in favor of anyone doing whatever they think works for them.

carlos-villas-amazon-snakeWhat hero simply sucks and should either die or just go away?
 hahahaha! I can mention a lot here, but the first one that comes to mind is Batman`s Robin, I just never liked that kid hanging with the DARK KIGHT

carlos-villas-creature-1What is more important to you money or creating something that will matter?
Creating something amazing, something to be proud of.  Money will come eventually when the product is good. carlos-villas-noosey-blueish You should`t worry about the pay, worry about getting better and doing the work, the rest will fall in place eventually

What is the biggest mistake you made while creating ?  
I never plan ahead, I don`t sketch, I just start painting and developing everything as I go, so that carlos-villas-creature-3might make me take a little more time sometimes on my paintings, but it keeps things clint-clase-onlineinteresting and fresh.  I just don`t understand how some artist`s do sketches, color studies, and beautifully rendered drawings before going into the painting.  Painting is what I love and every time I get a commission I carlos-villas-diary-of-boonejust have to go for it.  I know it`s not the best way to do it, but it`s my way.

carlos-villas-exileWell done  Carlos you have out Crazed The 7 deadly Question.  For your  ability to out crazy The 7 single you get   paragraph to tell us why we should become fans  and what you are working on now :

Well, that`s not an easy thing to answer, but I can tell you that every time I do an image I really try to make it count, I give it my best

Portrait of 97 Year Old Native American woman
Portrait of 97 Year Old Native American woman

and try to  do something interesting that makes you want to look twice, something so subtle that you want to keep looking or something like a punch to the face (that`s my favorite!) that just hits you and stays with you.  I love having to work in different commissions with different Art Directors because they force me to create and come with solutions for problems I wouldn`t have on my own, but my favorite thing REAPER_(COVER)knifeis to work on my own stuff!, and that`s where I think my best work comes (at least for me).  Right now I`m working on a series of Dark Fantasy Characters of my own whenever I have time and I`m just loving it!  I usually work on 5 commissions at the time to keep things fresh. Whenever I get stuck or bored with something, I go to the next one and then come back when I`m ready for it.



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