Alex Moya The 7 deadly Questions are out to make you a topping

iconName: Alex Moya
Nom De Plume: He Who Walks Behind The Rows
Location: Inland Empire, California
Credits: SIN, Charlie Foxtrot, TBA
Creative Title: NextQuest
Favorite Comic(s):  Eternal Warrior, JJBA: Steel Ball Run
If you could have a 1 power: Super Form that lets me write awesome content 1000x quicker and/or instantly fund my projects. 

The7Deadly   Questions

have threatened to Turn Alex Moya into a condiment, can Alex out run The 7 or will the Ketchup?

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     Do writers allow their pride to get in their way when it come to criticism in your experiences ?

    It depends on the writer, I guess. Most people I’ve known in indie are awesome, and there’s this general sense everyone has that we’re all in this together. Everyone shares and backs the works of at least a few creators they know, so I’ve never really seen a ton of people who make it all about themselves and won’t take criticism. It’s kind of antithetical to the ethos of the community.

    What Indy project would you want to be invited to work on?

    I have one I’m working on, but I’m trying to keep the details vague for now. It’s kind of like Twin Peaks, except with monsters, kickass fight scenes and this sort of heavy metal bravado to it.

    Given the choice of one of the following,  which would you choose to happen and why that one?
    A Making a Ton of money as an editor of Major Projects
    B Getting a huge following making Good money as a blogger
    C Writing a comic all the Right people love and getting Awards but no money come from it.

    My goal is to make as much money as I need to to get what I want done, so I’d say column B. I’m really not interested in awards, as long as I’m able to build up a cult following that enjoys my work. It’s not about me being famous, or having a plastic rocket ship and several pieces of engraved glass on my shelf. It’s about regular comic readers (and hopefully critics) enjoying my stories enough to support me, so I can make more.

    What Character do you feel a true need to work on in your life time?

    I have this major, overarching concept revolving around this one character I can’t really talk about, and my upcoming comic NextQuest is the first major series of mine that kind of taps into that mythology. So yeah, in a lot of my major project’s there’s kind of this overarching narrative that spans different genres, stories and comics. That’s all I can say for the time being!

    What are mistakes you see as an editor that make you angry an why?

    I mostly edit my own work and occasionally edit other scripts (comic and occasional film), so typos are one of those things that really frustrate me, especially when it’s a typo I make. Luckily for me, there’s this wonderful new thing called “word processing software” that lets me correct those mistakes.

    What marvelous times we live in.

    Would you sell your characters for good money knowing they were going to be misused in way you would never allow given creative control?


    What Super Villain needs to die that is too popular for no good reason?

    I’m going to risk the fanboy rage here and say that honestly, I think most of the popular superheroes are the ones that need to die in the next 50 years. Because honestly, how long is the suspension of disbelief going to last when it comes to comic book time and superhero longevity? Are we really going to spend the next 100 years telling stories about an eternally-young Bruce Wayne? Why not just hand over the cowl to another character or better yet, have a whole new superhero concept take over the role of Gotham’s protector?

    The way I see it, it’s either that or endless reboots, like what they’re doing with the Spider-Man movies. And I personally despise reboots. It’s like Groundhog Day, only with way more spandex.

    Let me put it this way: If the House of Ideas ever gave me any sort of creative control, you better believe Aunt May’s gonna get crushed by a steamroller Dio Brando-style.

    Well done Alex Moya you made The 7 feel like the unused condiments of the fridge.  You now have a single paragraph to tell us why we should become fans and what you are working on now :

    What I’m trying to do is write comics with this sort of weird, genre-bending action sensibility that takes a lot from both the shows and movies I grew up with, as well as really old genres like monster movies/comics and pulp fiction. If you’re looking for comics that are very character-driven, have a lot of really crazy powers and settings, and have this sort of deeper, almost easter egg-esque hidden lore in them, you’ll probably enjoy my work. My first major series is NextQuest, which will appear early next year. The plot of that centers around a couple of adventurers-for-hire in a dieselpunk fantasy world that get wrapped up in an ancient sorceror’s mafia business after taking on a mysterious client’s job.

    Also, space dragon.

    If any of that sounds even remotely cool, you can check out my twitter at, or check out my website at, where I talk about comic writing and other such things.

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