We are looking for ARTISTS and WRITERS who want to build name recognition to help on a few projects for The Written Sins Network

Here is the Deal this site is RUN for FREE yet it cost money to run, I do this because there needs to be a site like this.  I refuse to pay for art for the site.  Why?  It defeats the purpose.  This site is meant to show off NEW talent and discover them.  I have done all this and help anyone who asked and never asked for a dime.  This isn’t a cheap thing to do. I do it for 3 reason

1 Help creators build themselves into a Brand, then help spread the word about that brand!

2 So I have a site I know will do the things for me we all need help with.  And sadly  there was no site that supported indie creator like WrittenSins.com does so here we are!!!!

3 To DISCOVER  new talent.

Now with all the love in the world  in the world I say this to my NEW artist friends: YOU NEED to prove yourself before you will be taken serious.  This is your FREE chance to showcase your talent to thousand of readers. This isn’t for those who have a name built ( although it would be appreciated )  this is for young artists wanting to  BREAK IN. HERE IS YOUR WAY!

Writers HERE is also your shot as well.  Join the site and write articles, do interviews and show people who you are in the process. In a single year I built a network and earned respect by doing things for others. It showed my character, it showed my abilities, it showed my passion.  I am a stay at home Dad who is a cripple and some day can’t get out of bed or off the floor no kidding.  I still write new stories weekly.  I still make my own comics.  I do this as therapy and a distraction from pain but IT ALSO GOT ME NOTICED.  I want to give that to other creators now as well. This is a gift I am offering because it is a way to get to meet Creators and network, but its takes a person to Ignore the one thing most cant, GREED and become selfless for some of their time in a while.  This is much like an internship but not to a company  to Indie comics itself.  Since doing this I now have a few projects That I am working on to be released  this year,  things I worked on because I started this site.  And now I am starting a Kickstarter because I meet my Artist for Fetish babies working on this site. I also now write for another site and have offers to join other sites and pod casts.  Doing this changed my life and it can change yours.

So if you want to take the next step email me CreatorsofWrittenSins@yahoo.com and stop making excuses why you aren’t getting noticed.

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