Lou Frontier The 7 Deadly Questions are gonna make sure this is your final frontier

Lou Frontier
Nom De Plume:
Louis Danger Sans Frontier
Contact Info:
Harrodsburg KY
Wicker, American Bison,  Norse,
Metamora, Hunt/Cook/Kill
Creative Title:
Favorite Comic:
If you could have a 1 power:
The power to create more powers…

13510840_10157181266185613_7447387555821122495_nThe7Deadly   Questions

like your story  Metamora, a story about Humanities final frontier but The 7 want to know if are you ready for your final frontier Lou?

0a09aa17025b176d264921d33268481a_original  Why is your Kickstarter(found by clicking here) : Metamora Worth our coins?
Well, that’s a good question. Metamora is worth the coin for a few reasons, one of which  is that it’s a Kickstarter being run for two issues, so the rewards are set in a $-friendly . The second reason is the team, we have an epic team working on Metamora. These guys are extremely talented, making the bang well worth the buck.

1e6e0c3029c74bdca5acde5f83a31f7d_originalWhat other comic book title would you love to do a story arch with?
I always wanted to do an Age of Apocalypse: Weapon X arc. That would be fun. Its one of the rare times you see Wolverine exactly how he should be, and would be a gem to write.

9dd82e372acb5599faba4fe3bf51f271_originalGiven the shot to take over any comic book title and control it what title would you choose and what would you do different?
Tough one. I think I’d do an earth-2 Thomas Wayne, kicking ass as Batman, but make Bruce his Joker… Bet someone uses that.

What are you secret ambitions for this property?
Playing around with a genre like “biopunk” while adding a Lovecraftian element are what I really enjoy doing with 932afbb29ccc0d44924edecfba4569a3_originalthis, but secretly I want to explore transformation throughisolation….

In such a fuck up end of times world that you created is there even time for relationships or even sex?
No. Never. Well..maybe.

13686619_10157246467425613_9202422006720512597_nWhat character is the stupidest character ever created and why?
Ahhh. The Rube in Metamora he is just so dim, but somehow he maintains the notion, that he is in control…

If someone offered you 1/2 a million dollars to walk away from what you have created no questions asked and you cant even publicly admit you created the property would you sell it or tell em to fuck off?
d153607d9514b23aabbcc438cb828acc_originalIt would depend on whether the cash was on hand and if there were any witnesses.dcacb90e7b3207a654a2289c24487884_original

c5ed1e2cf9cff57dc9fb03ee68840f53_originalWhat super villain are you rooting for to win?
Viceroy Prime. What a prick.

Well Lou you survived The 7 Deadly Questions whats next for you?
I’m working on cool shit. People tend to enjoy cool shit. Metamora, Hunt/Cook/Kill, TheLessers, Swan Song, Wicker, American 74ae508eea9dfd7d3241b57d00dd3363_originalBison, Fear Collective, and other secret stuff.
All good things in timec1143f906d632ed60d34e7ba8df15bf1_original

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