Lets Fetish Babies be your Freak Flag and or a Hint Valentines Day Gift or Requested Gift


One of the Hardest things for many into Bondage, BDSM or those who have a fetish is opening up about it.  While the Creator of This site Rob Andersin Lets his Freak Flag fly most hide that intimate detail out of true fear of being looked at differently. Women EVEN more have the  things they do sexual used agasint them and can be haunted by it them.  SO opening up could be a problem but its one most with a fetish have to deal with because they cannot have a relationship With out that Need being fulfilled. Enter Fetish Babies.  Getting a Copy as a Gift and Letting someone know about it or asking about getting it as a Gift will open a Door to a Discussion. We get how Hard it is and In fact are planing a How to tell a person you are interested in Bondage while Dating mini story for  Fetish Series in the future.  For now just talking about this issue with someone you think is ready to have the talk is the Perfect Gateway Taste into more fun in life. Ask for it as a Gift and they will ask many Questions.   As Rob would say Stay Kinky my Friends.

Click here For FETISH BABIES!!!

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