Hey Mickey Clausen The 7 Deadly Questions do not find you oh so fine


197405_10150096557771813_3924793_n  Name:
Mickey Clausen
Nom De Plume:
Creative Position:
Creator, Writer, Inker, Colorist, Letterer
Contact Info:


Growing up:
Captain America
and now:
Captain America
El Cajon, CA

Mickey Clausen Credits:

DVD Cover Colors for "Bobba Fett: The Twelve Parsec Stare"" fan film

DVD Cover Colors for "The Walkers Among Us" fan film documentary

Lark & Eagle……INKS

Kid Lightspeed & the Neutron Woman ……  Colors

Marvel Legendary Deck Building Card Game (Upper Deck) …… Inking

 Sniper & Rook (Beta 3 Comics) … Colors

 Redakai (Viz/Cartoon Network) ….. Colors

   Fist of Justice (DWP) ……. Colors

    DWP Presents Fist of Justice (DWP) ……. Colors

 Kingstone Bible (KingStone Comics)…. Colors

Kingstone Anthology (KingStone Comics)…. Colors

 Menhit # 1 (NPC Comics)…. Colors

   Breygent Sketch Cards Woodstock & Horror Sci-fi 

  Ghost Busters (IDW) ……..Colors

       Little Jackie Lantern (IDW) ……..Colors

    Iron Sirens  (JM Productions) ….Colors

     Toy Story (Boom Studios/Pixar) ……… Colors

Mickey Mouse, Uncle Scrooge (Boom Studios/Pixar) ……… Cover Colors

    Muppets (Boom Studios/Disney) ……..Colors

    N-Guard (Markosia Comics) …….. Colors & inks

     Insane Jane (BlueWater Comics) ……. Colors

  Tempest Gates (Kenser & Company) ….. Colors

       Jade Warriors (Image Comics) ……….. Colors

      Exposure (Image Comics) ……. Colors

        Jungle Comics (A-List Comics) …. Colors

       Raika (Sun Comics) ………. Ink retouches & lettering

   High School Agent (Sun Comics) ………. Ink retouches & lettering
          Kamui (Sun Comics) ………. Ink retouches & lettering

Grips (SilverWolf Comics) ….Cover Colors

Legion X (SilverWolf Comics)…….Cover Colors

Eradicators (SilverWolf Comics) …… Cover Colors

Edge (Greater Mercury Comics)…….Cover Colors

mickey-clausen-interceptorThe7Deadly   Questions

What was your favorite project to work on and why?mickey-clausen-toy-story-cv01
Toy Story because my grandchildren were going crazy over the movies and they thought it was super cool that their granddad worked on the comics.

What Title or Character do you have a need to work on?
 Captain America since he’s my favorite character.

Do you think there are to many comic book properties being mickey-clausen-02-marvel-cvconverted into Movies and TV shows that are  lowering  the value of Comic book creators or is just finally our time? ?
I think it’s our time, people are finally looking at what we create as actually having a value in entertaining people. 

DO you feel that women havmickey-clausen-blackhawk-cve become equals in the comic book industry?
Yes and no. We need more of them in the industry. 

How have you handled negativity towards your work?
 Just shrug it off and move on, people have their own version of what they like and want, it’s their right. You can’t please everyone and I respect their choices.

Do you think a Creator has to sell out to be able to make it to the top, somewhere somehow they have to give up something to get to the top?mickey-clausen-fathom
No, they never should give up what they believe in. 

What is a mistakes have you made that our reader can learn to side step from you?  
Don’t devalue what you do. 

mickey-clausen-mickey-cv2mickey-clausen-foj3-cvrWell done  Mickey you have moused your way around The 7 Deadly Questions tell us whats next on your creative journey:
Right now I am co-writing two ideas that I have had kicking around for a few years now, “Iron Diplomacy” and “MetalKill”. I will be inking, coloring, and lettering both of them, debating on maybe pencilling also. A third idea in the works is a book that will be called “Snatch & Grab”. I will be also creating a series of children books with one of my granddaughters in the coming year. Currently I am also inking and coloring a “Pitt Crew” story for Advent Comics, coloring a “Dr Who” story for Vang Enterprises, Coloring “PhantomHawk” for Guerrilla Comics, also coloring on “Biting Bullets” and “Captain Pauite” and inking an issue of “Lightning Squirrel”, and coloring “Warwolf” for Markosia. All this on top of teaching comic production classes at my studio (MindWinder Studios) and a 3D Animation class, a  Contemporary Design class and a Multimedia class at a local high school. Looking at SDCC for next year and some southern California Comic Cons this upcoming year ( have to figure out a schedule)mickey-clausen-mermaid

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