The Indie Comic Publishers

Coming soon we will begin to list in their own words all the indie Comic Publishers out there and whether they are looking for submission, what they offer and how to follow them.  We will list all indie Publisher below in alphabetical order.  Their name and than their  2 sentence tag line will be show as in the example below:   



A New Way to Pitch to Publishers Brought to you by Octal Comics



      Written Sins Comics

                            Written Sins Comic Major Focus for now will be about Anthologies but….  



  1. “We are actively seeking creative minds…”, and this one is writing to you to find out more about that.
    Writers? Artists? Both?
    I’m all three of the above, although technically just two.
    I can write and draw, so when I saw that quote, I thought I should contact you to find out more.
    Please let me know what you’re looking for.
    RUSTY Dickens

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