Update on the 2018 Creator Cards with some changes form the 2017 set

So we will return this Year with Written Sins Creator Cards.  Here are some Changes in 2018 Series:

The title will now simple be Creator Cards.

 There will be a Submission Process.  This Year only Creators With Published ( this includes Self-Published Comic) will be included.

As of writing this the way it will work is anyone who Joins this project and allows Written Sins to use the image of their choice and information from their interviews to Create the Card for the cards creations will us to than Use that Card in Printing and Distribution.  This Means There is no Royalties for use of  the info but…..

The 2018 Creator Cards will only be Available to be sold by creators in the Project itself.  This Means that Creators will buy the Cards or Comic From us and only Pay for the Printing and Shipping costs and a 5% fee. But the Creator can sell them for the Price they choose.  There will not be  a MSRP.  This may change as the program Grows and evolves.

As well to have a Card you will have to go through an Interview for Written Sins.

That 5% fee will be used simply to help Fund the 2019 Creator Cards.  We hope to raise enough money to be able to place a bigger order for the 2019 Creator Cards thus driving the costs down and increasing the profitability of the cards.  NO MONEY COLLECTED WILL EVER BE USED TO PAY ANYONE OR WILL BE KEPT AS PROFIT FOR ANYONE.  ALL PROFITS WILL BE USED FOR THE NEXT GEN OF CARDS AND IF WE CANCEL THE CARDS FOR ANY REASON THE RESIDUAL WILL BE USED TO FUND A KICKSTARTER THAT ALL CREATOR INVOLVED VOTE FOR.

Cosplayers will be featured on a limited bases for this 2019 Creator Cards series and will be Chosen by Rob Andersin and not Open to the Submission Process. We may open this up for the 2019 Which we will begin working on later this year.

We also are no longer going to do Character  and Comic cards more on that in a min.

So why are we doing this?  Well it is meant to make the reach of all creators become greater.  For example if we get 50 Creators to  be part of this and do our Job right those 50 creators will come from Different Regions. Meaning Creator X from the North East will be selling Cards with Creators in the DECK from the South West.  These Creator Cards will be an Instant way to bring Creators from across the globe to areas they can’t or haven’t visited.   That is the Goal of this Project.  WE are currently Leaning to do this as a comic as well if not the prototype for the project,  that will look like a Baseball Card Card Binder.  Each Card will link to WrittenSins digital card version of the Creator Card  where all there links and contact info will be stored for the Creator on the Card.  This is the Protect that can and should be able to help each-other out and also will offer creators  in this project  an extra comic to sell to anyone who visits their table.  That’s Right it is something the creator can use to make a profit to help pay for their table.  Here is an example of a way yo use this comic or cards to their advantage,  someone says I am not into Blank sorry the creator can say “I get that, but to Help you out, I have These Creators Comic/Cards for sale.  They help Fans find new Creators and Great new Comic you wont see here.  It is your guide to New things you cant find at this convention.  I am Part of it project and believe in this. ”  Now you could make a sale that could help pay for your table. 

Now we could and May do a kickstarter for this to DRIVE printing Costs down for the creators involved.  But the catch here is that as creators get involved they get a vote.  This project will become a Democracy on how we do things.  Rob Andersin Will lead the first two  Series (2018-2019) and after that a Vote will take place for a 2 year term.  This should help there not being Major Changes for at-least 2 years at a time. 


Of Course this is all in the planing stage and things may and will change as members join and begin to be able to voice an opinion/idea and  vote on the future of the project. Like Everything Written Sins.com Does this is a non profit project.

Anyone Interested Contact us On our Facebook page for creator Cards by Clicking here



As for the Cancelling of the Comic and Character  Cards we once where think of doing  it is  simply a  case of someone else is doing it before or better than us and we have always said that if we see someone doing something better of before us, we do that particular thing and instead we will step aside and help promote it.  And We have just such a case now as we now introduce ::

Calling all Comic book fans!  The time has come to celebrate the historic indie comic movement taking place in the industry!  Some of the world’s most creative minds are creating innovative, no holds barred comics, featuring worlds filled with amazing characters.  Some of the characters are good guys that possess the strength, wisdom, ability, and integrity to fight along the ranks of the Avengers or Justice League.  Some of these characters are downright evil and strike enough terror to make Dr. Doom and Lex Luther cringe in fear.


​How to start your collection

I want MY Character to be on a Card 

Soon we will be launching our Kickstarter Campaign for the first series of Indie Comic Cards. There will be several reward levels to choose from where you will be able to get a set of cards and some awesome swag like T-Shirts and a custom collector card binder, where you can display your cards and carry to comic-cons to collect autographs.

We will post the link here as soon as we launch.
Sure thing! It’s a great way to promote your work and show off your creativity with a indie comic fans. Click here to learn more about becoming part of this project and having a character YOU created be a card in this exclusive set.

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