You have seen it, but maybe you just couldn’t picture in your mind what a life size fully functional R2-D2 would look like…. let me introduce to you R4-AU or as we call him: Torrie’s R4. For those of you who may have just started following WrittenSins, the making of R4 has been a long restless journey. But it has been the most rewarding journey. We came up with the idea of having some type of artwork to help raise awareness for Autism (my daughter is Autistic), and maybe bridge some communication gaps. So many of these children are non verbal and thirst for some kind of interaction from others that “understand their language”. Just like adults, they need some type of central interest that they can relate to. That was the whole thought process behind this, and plus Torrie loves Star Wars! We started a go fund me to see what kind of reaction we would get to some help on funding this build, (by the way he was built perfectly by Bill of Astrodroids.com)… it wasn’t long before we found out that there were so many,friends, relatives, and honestly some people that we had no idea who they were, that wanted to help. Within 2 months we had R4 paid for and he was on his way. And then we thought, ok we have this R2D2 unit but that does not scream Autism, we decided to wrap him in vinyl wrapping that had been specially made for R4 (wrapping done by Robert Letts). Autism Puzzle Pieces. As you can see he is perfect and looks fantastic. Torrie’s dad was up all night wrapping him so he would be ready to take for a test run before he goes to his first big event April 1st. Our hope is that these kids will see R2 and instantly bond. The smiles make this whole project worth while. And to see the look on my daughters face when she first seen R4… priceless. Thank you to all who helped make this possible for Torrie and many other kids like her that just want to feel accepted and equal to everyone else. #teamtorrie #teamnoah #teamtucker #R4 #R4AU #autismawarenss

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