Defeating Witches and Demons

WEB COMIC ALERT: Kittarou Witch Hunter!

A Roguish Witch Hunter Kittarou roams a perilous feudal Japanese countryside solving supernatural mysteries, defeating witches and demons, while his Witch Hunter brethren hunt him down for a murder in the royal family. Clad in black robes, armed with blades called ‘Reavers’, and other tools for hunting and killing witches, the Witch Hunter is trained from age 6 to be the foremost in black arts detection and extermination. A Witch Hunter is both detective and agile ninja-like enforcer. They are both highly respected and feared. The best Witch Hunters act as body guards to the royal family while most are out hunting in the wilderness and can function solo. Think of a Witch Hunter as a kind of Ninja Sherlock Holmes.

Updated on a weekly basis, fans can check out this webcomic for free!

Creative Team:

Blake Clouser: Creator, Writer, Designer, Inks, Letterer

Felix Novara: Pencils, Designer

Mekenzie Martin: Colors

Kierston Van De Kraats: Ink Wash Shades

James Peñafiel: Flats

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