Blade Runner: Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Do robots have feelings? Can they love, hate, or feel compassion or remorse? Are they in fact more human than we are?

Blade Runner deals with many different concepts in a futuristic reality that mirrors ours and begs the question: What does it mean to be human? In the original movie, the robots are as real as the people hunting them, they bleed, they cry, they love, they feel anger and bitterness at their lot in “life” and wish to extend and preserve that life. They kill and torture to protect the ones they care about, and can you blame them really? They are considered nothing more than expendable tools and play things, they have no worth or respect and are hunted mercilessly because of a flaw that was not their fault. In fact it was for the same reason that the whales and elephants were hunted before them…. They were not human…. They would never be human, and for that they must die.

Rick Deckard feels no guilt at “retiring” the replicants, he hunts them down and kills them with no more care than if he was stepping on a cockroach. He doesn’t believe they have feelings or gives a crap if they are suffering. He is appalled at the atrocities they commit, and feels that the sooner they are dead the better…

But…. What if Rick Deckard was a replicant?

Most sequels are never as good as the originals, you can never quite capture the magic that the first Blade Runner had… I expect this next movie, Blade Runner 2049 to be a disappointment, but I still hold out to the hope that they will go back to the time when films went slow, cinematography mattered, and the story not the animation and fight scenes made the movie. As a film director myself I greatly admire Ridley Scott and think that he was one of the geniuses of our time, I love the feel he gave this film, and the originality of the characters. Together with the incredible talents of the actors, Ridley Scott brought to life a ruined world where replicants and humans fight to survive, and discover what it really means, to be human….

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