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The7Deadly   Questions


13654168_10153634450601003_8555622932810160372_nAs a woman creator of an adult coloring book, do you worry about how some women might be offended by the project Boobs: An Adult Coloring Book?
The wide range of women portrayed in my BOOBS Adult Coloring Book are happy, healthy, and enjoying themselves openly. Nothing is overtly pornographic. I have attempted to portray all kinds of women, ranging from fantasy ladies such as mermaids, faeries, and fauns to naughty nuns, sexy librarians, titillating graffiti artists, and busty cowgirls. Big boobs, small boobs, different ethnicities. None are being abused in any way. I think that anything involving female pulchritude is going to offend someone, somewhere. I can’t please everyone. You learn that in good time when you work in publishing, and you get over it quickly.

13567453_10153613212186003_1522480933603165532_nWhat items for creating are on your wish list? Maybe an expensive program or an expensive pen set?
A Cintiq!  I currently work on an “old fashioned” Wacom tablet, and having my own Cintiq would make me a spoiled girl hahaha.

12046784_10153086900436003_8154320803438280154_nHow would women accusing you of selling them out to make a buck make you react?

This is actually something that I am expecting. At some point, I’m going to piss someone off, whether it be a hardcore religious nut, or a feminist zealot who believes that showing female breasts”objectifies” women. I wonder if they would say the same thing about the next coloring book in the works, D*CKS, which will feature male nudity and be targeted at the gay community. Will they see those men as being “objectified”? I think my answer is pretty simple: if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. No one is holding a gun to your head. There are worse things in the world than a pair of tits: genocide, child and animal abuse, ACTUAL sexual slavery, mass poverty and starvation. Let’s get real here, folks.

DO you think we live in a generation of over sexaulized projects? Or are we just being honest about something we all know is always there in how we look at each other and what we are thinking?
13343039_10153537034396003_916881174519849671_nSexuality has existed since the beginning of time, as it is essential for reproduction and the continuation of most species. I don’t think there has ever been a time in history when society was not “sexualized” in one way or another, whether that be overt sexualization or, by contrast, sexual repression. The Victorian Era, for example, was an extremely repressed time in Western history, and yet prostitution and “secret” titillation was a massive industry. I think that recent generations have refused to allow themselves to be repressed, especially with the introduction of women’s liberation and birth control. Sexual freedom and acceptance has become essential to who we are. I personally have never been promiscuous in any way, but that does not mean that others should not have the right to live out their sexuality as they feel most comfortable, so long as they are not hurting someone else physically or emotionally. I think that projects like my BOOBS Adult Coloring Book allow individuals and couples to have fun exploring their natural sensuality in a safe, healthy way.

13255988_10153524764641003_7040234173334546420_nWhat is your Dream Project, any character any title?
 I’m actually already living that dream with my BLACK DOG AND REBEL ROSE comic and novel series, focusing on the adventures of two supernatural hunters. Some of these have beat out select digital issues of titles like Hellboy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and The Last Airbender. I have even signed a film contract, which is slowly but steadily panning out. I have been extremely lucky…after many years of hard work and sacrifice, I am finally “living the dream”. 🙂

13754334_10153642606621003_8386416950141134220_nAs a model, is there a project you wish now you where never part of?
I have only modeled a handful of times, and it was never anything shocking or shameful. One was for a horror e-zine featuring some of my art and writing, and the other was a post-apocalyptic shoot for a colleague. I have never done nude modeling, porn, etc. Not actually my thing, though I have no issue with people who choose to do that.

13769561_10153642606426003_7046028484208630646_nYou clearly have no issues with sexuality, but do you worry how people close to you such as family will judge you?  We see you are bound in a picture, and while we don’t mind dungeon time the public still looks down on people into it unless it’s in a cheaply made novel. 
My family is actually really supportive of my work. I am very fortunate in that way. However, I am not the type of person who would let anyone decide what I should/should not be doing. I have always been very individualistic. I don’t categorize myself, and I don’t let others do it, either.

Dani Smith you have left The 7 Deadly Questions naked and ashamed of their loss…but know this they bounce back like a ball.  Till they return have a paragraph to tell us all about Boobs. So Dani Smith go enjoy our favorite sin of all: Shameless Self Promotion!
BOOBS is A “tit”illating adults-only coloring book celebrating the beauty of the female form! Perfect for date nights, bachelor/bachelorette parties, gag gifts, pin-up art fans, and more! Showcasing the work of female comic book illustrator Dani Smith, you will find a fantastic array of fantasy boobs to tickle your fancy: faeries, mermaids, fauns, burlesque girls, a roller derby girl, a beer girl, a naughty nun, a sexy cowgirl, a dirty librarian, and many others! Featuring ‘em big, bigger, buxom, stacked, peach tits, side boob, and much more! Each image is printed one-sided on 60 lb pure white paper. High quality colored pencils or crayons are recommended for the best results. If using markers, place a piece of card behind the page to prevent bleed-through. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to breast cancer research, so check it out!


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