Trading Card Set of Today’s Best Indie Comic Book Characters

Calling all Comic book fans!  Help us celebrate the historic Independent Comic Book Movement unfolding before our very eyes!  The world’s most imaginative minds are creating innovative, no holds barred, comic book worlds filled with amazing characters.  Some of the characters are good guys that possess the strength, wisdom, ability, and integrity to fight along the ranks of the Avengers or Justice League.  And some of these characters are downright evil and strike enough terror to make Dr. Doom and Lex Luther cringe in fear.


We are going to create an amazing collectible trading card set featuring these characters and the creators who made them.  The set will be 100+ sequentially numbered cards and each card will be highly detailed, front and back full color glossy.   The front of the card will display the characters name, a picture of the character and the logo of the comic book series he, she or it hails from. The back of the card will include a paragraph about the character, the name and picture of the creator, the artist and colorist who worked on the character and the website address where fans can learn more and shop for the comic. Here’s a few examples…

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