April’s Splash Page better be perfect because April is for Editor Extraordinaire LEAH LEDERMAN

Leah C. Lederman is one of the Biggest Talents in INDIE COMICS TODAY. Yet often her name name is never on a cover of the comics she works on.  As an editor she has been instrumentalist in shaping  the indie Comics Market. Her ability to inspire greatness from a long list of creators has made Indie Comics Stronger and more Interesting Thanks to Leah’s Editorial  touch.  She is also about to Finally get he name on a her Comic Books Cover Chasing Arrows where she is a Credit Writer.  But you want to know WHY she earned the VOTES she did just Look Below at her Accomplishments :

 Leah C. Lederman   

Facebook: Lederman Editing


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/Leah-Lederman

Leah Lederman is a freelance writer and editor from the Indianapolis area, where she lives with her husband, their two sons, two cats, and puppy. Since obtaining her Master’s degree in English Literature from the University of Toledo in 2009, she’s busied herself with writing, editing, parenting, and teaching (though not always in that order). She started her own parenting column in The Toledo Free Press, and has had her short stories published by Bloodlotus Online Literary Journal, The Indianapolis indie magazine Snacks, and in Scout Media’s anthology A Matter of Words. Her most recent work will be released by Indie Authors’ Press in Issues of Tomorrow. Several other pieces are awaiting rejection. As an editor, she’s worked on dozens of indie comic scripts and has been featured on the comics news sites “Creator Owned Expo,” “The Outhousers,” and “Comics Pros and Cons.” In addition to her work in comics with writers like Dirk Manning, Howie Noel, Bob Salley, and Kasey Pierce, Leah has edited short story collections, children’s books, dissertations, and several novels.



Twizted, Issue 1, Dirk Manning, SourcePoint Press

PsychoPath,” Issue 3, Stefani Manard, Scapegoat Press

The Weight of Air, Issues 1-4, Chris Charlton

Welcome to Dahmerville, Issues 1-5, Chris Charlton

Absent Stars Issues 1-5, Chris Charlton

Salvagers, Bob Salley, SourcePoint Press

Staunch Ambition, Brian E. Lau, BLau Arts publishing

Float, Howie Noel, publication pending Present

Mexica,” Issue 1, Kasey Danielle Pierce, SourcePoint Press

Love Stories (To Die For), Dirk Manning, Devil’s Due Publishing

“Absent Stars,” Issue 1, Chris Charlton

“Bezlek and the Bomb,” Steve Kuerbitz

4DT5: Batch One,” J. Jacob Barker, self-published

“Tara Normal,” Issue 8, Howie Noel, self-published

“Despite Her Face,” Bob Salley

“The Defenders: New Kid on the Block,” Bob Salley

Nightmare World “Omnibus,” Dirk Manning, Devil’s Due Publishing

The Tales of Mr. Rhee, Vol. Three: “Those who Fight Monsters,Dirk Manning, Devil’s Due Publishing

UltraKyle, Vol. One, Don Edwards

Tara Normal, Season of Evil, Howie Noel

The Tales of Mr. Rhee, Volume Two: “Karmageddon,” Dirk Manning, Devil’s Due

Lucid Element Entertainment, script editor

Weaponized” Volume One

“Vermin Saints”    

The Headmetal Racket, Christopher Orndoff

The Tales of Mr. Rhee, Volume One: “Procreation of the Wicked,” Dirk Manning, Devil’s Due

The Blueseph J. Headmetal Saga, Christopher Orndoff

Introduction to Nightmare World: Volume III, Dirk Manning, Image Comics


The Vessel, Russell Nohelty, Wanna Press Present

The Persian Lover, Naser and Patricia Shahrivar Present

The Dark Corner, Dirk Abisi-Doughty Present

The Orphanage, Joetta Currie, publication pending

Call Girl, Nina Sharpe Series: The G-Man, Jayne Blue, self-published

Call Girl, Nina Sharpe Series: The Prince, Jayne Blue, self-published

Refuse to Fall, Mike Stagg, self-published

WLUV Trilogy, Cameron Black:

  • The Consultant        
  • The Rookie Reporter       
  • The Anchor                       


“The Rub,” Lauren Nalls A Haunting of Words, Scout Media Publishing

“Which Shoes?” Tina Steele

“Unfinished,” Tina Steele

“Queen of the Waves,” Amy Hunter

“Fetish Babies, Discovery 1,” Rob Andersin

If You Call, I Will Not Answer,” Dirk Manning, Devil’s Due Publishing Nov 2016

Switch,” Lina Conlin

“Lighting Up the Night,” Lina Conlin

“The Road to Kyoto,” Rebecca Pierce, self-published

“Model Town,” Rebecca Pierce, self-published

Secrets Best Kept (short story collection) Stefani Manard & Jason Chmielewski, Scapegoat Press

Pieces of Madness, vol. 2, (short story collection) Kasey Danielle Pierce, Sourcepoint Press

“A Tear in the Eye,” Jackson Compton

“Kung Fu Fighting,” Dirk Manning, Devil’s Due Publishing

Short Story Collection, Candice Wade, publication pending

“Some Kind of Stranger,” Dirk Manning, Devil’s Due Publishing

Pieces of Madness, Kasey Danielle Pierce, Rocket Ink Publishing



Meet the Mallows, Sean Prato

“Occupy Butterfly,” Christopher Orndoff, publication pending

The Animal Rainbow, Michael Samulak, publication pending

Mixed up Animals, Michael Samulak, publication pending


Sell Your Soul: How to Make a Living Doing What You Love,” Russell Nohelty, Wannabe Press

“I am Not Yet: Explicating Maxine Greene’s notion of Naming and Being” Dissertation, C. Neider

How to Self-Publish Comics, Josh Blaylock, Devil’s Due Publishing

How to Be a Comic Book Artist: Not Just How to Draw, Tim Sweeney, Devil’s Due Publishing

Write or Wrong: A Writer’s Guide to Creating Comics, Dirk Manning, Transfuzion Publishing

  • “Write or Wrong” Column installations for www.bleedingcool.com
    • #72 “No One Cares”
    • #73 “Sandwiches vs. Comics”
    • #74 “Write Angry”
    • #75 “Livin’ the Dream”
    • #76 “How to make a Million Dollars in Comics, Part One”
    • #77 “How to make a Million Dollars in Comics, Part Two”
    • #78 “The Rub, Part One”
    • #79 “The Rub, Part Two”
    • #80 “Surviving 15 shows in 15 weeks, Part 1 of 3”
    • #81 “Surviving 15 shows in 15 weeks, Part 2 of 3”
    • #82 “Surviving 15 shows in 15 weeks, Part 3 of 3”
    • #83 “Surviving 15 shows in 15 weeks, Part 4 of 3”

Conference paper for Forrest Helvie, “Batman and American Literature”

Simply Younique, LLC, soap company catalogue and inventory



  • “The Singularity,” Issues of Tomorrow: A Sci-fi Anthology              Pending
  • Afterword, Pieces of Madness, Sourcepoint Press             Oct 2016
  • Jonathan Teets Creative, webpage copy writer             Aug 2016
  • “Lithium Sandwich,” A Matter of Words, Scout Media             Oct 2015
  • Bloodlotus Online Literary Journal, “Dust to Dust”               Jul 2014
    • http://www.bloodlotusjournal.com/2014/07/blauthor10-leah-lederman.html
  • Op-ed for The Greenfield Reporter, “A neighborly holiday” Print.            Nov 2013
  • Indy Pub Co-op Snacks magazine
    • “Lost” February 2014 issue: “Lost”
    • “The Singularity” January 2014 issue: “Mutant”
    • “Lithium Sandwich” November 2013 issue: “Hungry”
    • “Bathroom Letter” October 2013 issue: “Letters”
  • Composed original articles for my own parenting column, “Parental Pariah” in the Toledo Free Press
    • http://www.toledofreepress.com/tag/leah-lederman/
      • “My Two year-old, the Pre-Teen” Print, Special Section.
      • “The Hunt for the Perfect Lullaby” Online.
      • “Do Kids Really Grow up ‘Too Fast’?” Online.
      • “Pacifiers Pose Problems” Print.


  • “Episode 016: Leah Lederman,” Derek Becker, Comic Pros and Cons May 2016

Episode 016: Leah Lederman

Plymouth Medieval and Renaissance Forum                                                                                      

  • “Barbarians in Binary Code: the Spread of English and the Spread of Christianity”

Plymouth Medieval and Renaissance Forum                                                                    

  • “Unlocking the Word-Hoard: The Georgic Power of Language in Beowulf”

Plymouth Medieval and Renaissance Forum      

  • “Resisting Time: The Legacy of The Battle of Maldon

Plymouth Medieval and Renaissance Forum              

  • “Emily Dickinson’s Literary Pas Seul”

Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters                                      

  • Received Shapiro Travel Funds, $300 awarded
  • “Breaking Boundaries and Breaking Dishes: Sylvia Plath’s Upheaval of Domesticity In the Kitchen”

University of California Riverside “Malappropriation Nation: (Dis)junctions 2007”

Now That is a Roll Credits Moment!!

and why she is someone to Admire, follow and if your lucky enough one Day Work with!


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