The Grand Machine #1 Everything you know is a lie. Uncover the truth in The Grand Machine. . .

Frank Billings is a true crime writer trying to find the perfect follow-up to his best seller, “Diary of a Madman” and been having the most difficult time. Between the stress of a recent divorce and a daughter who has a knack for getting into trouble, Frank hasn’t been having the easiest of times. So when his mob contact, Gene arranges a meeting between Frank and Bob, a former secret agent and now a bit unhinged (some might say ‘downright bat-shit insane’) in an attempt to pay an old debt. Now Frank is on an crazy adventure involving aliens, murder mutants and alternate realities that has him wondering if this is all worth it.

Meet the Creator:

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 Italian comic artist & illustrator, Francesco Tomaselli was born in Rome on 24/06/1987. After the academy he deepens his artistic studies at the “Roman School of Comics” and at the “International School of Comics”. After these several years of training he began his career in Italy, working as illustrator for the book “SUBSTANTIA” of Simone Pinna (Eremon publishing). In 2015 he began working in foreign publishing with Bob Salley, the writer of SHELTER DIVISION, comic that is all done by Francesco, with pencils, inks and colors, claiming him as well as complete artist. Currently he works with Bob Salley for the Source Point Press, on Shelter Division, and with Evoluzione Pubishing on “THE GRAND MACHINE”. He also works as a colorist for RED KING PRESS and as illustrator for the video game site TOPGAMER.IT.

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