An off-duty cop in a rocky relationship faces more than just inner demons when he’s suddenly warped into a hellish dimension.

Headshot Horror’s Pitch to YOU!

Committed to bringing you a top-quality indie comic book experience outside of mainstream media, Headshot Horror needs you to help kickstart their crowdfunding graphic novel brand. Our goal is to spearhead unique, spiritually charged, one-shot sci-fi/fantasy/horror stories from an underrepresented creative voice in the medium, and make them available to comic geeks everywhere.

Gilbert Deltrez (Writer & Creator of LAIR) – An 80’s kid who ritually consumed comics, wrestling, and cheese-filled horror movies during his daily childhood. Always found himself rooting for villains. Gilbert finally understands why and credits that reasoning to his dual identity crisis. He attended the school of hard knocks in comic writing while graduating with his B.A. in English. He crowdfunded two successful Kickstarter campaigns in 2014 & 2016 to self-publish the first three issues of his psycho-spiritual apocalypse comic, “Under The Flesh” (Escape Comics). He currently teaches at a rough inner-city school empowering minds to greatness in the midst of fulfilling his dream: To craft narratives featuring positive characters which reflect a marginalized demographic that’s too often stereotyped. Boldness creates change. He dares to be bold. He calls it an underdog thing! Cute gamer wife and pet cat Wesker, aside, (although he’s a dog person), demons are in fact his best friends. Hence, LAIR.

Sebastian Navas (Illustrator & Co-Creator of LAIR) – Known as the demon whisperer. He was fascinated with the comic book art form from an early age and forged himself into a self-taught illustrator of the highest order. He also holds a technical degree as an elite Graphic Designer and currently studies at the Continental with renowned Professor Alvaro Fontana. Some of his published credits range from “Oxisus” which featured in the weekly (Tiempo Uruguay newspaper), “Cisplatin” (Apocalypse Editorial), and “Sicotronica”  (Zignone Comics). Sebastian’s also worked on video games, storyboarding “Latifa” for the Saudi Girls Revolution Saga (NA3M). He now eagerly brings you LAIR and is counting on your support! He has a beautiful son, a wife, and pet demon to feed!

Davi Comodo (Colorist & Co-Creator of LAIR) – A professional colourist who has been drawing all his life. After a few years in advertising, as a designer, Davi left a classical guitar college. In 2012, he decided to work on his childhood dream: Coloring things. Demon things. In secret. Oh, and of course comic books and illustration. His published works includes “Battle Star Gallactica: Starbuck” (Dynamite), “Evil Dead 2” (Spacegoat Publishing), “Starcaster” (Ctrl+Alt+Del), “Starcraft Battlegrounds Posters” (Red Bull/Blizzard), “Mirror’s Edge: Exordium” (Dark Horse).


Deyvison Manes (Letterer Extraordinaire to LAIR) – Is fluent in demonic syntax and can translate over a hundred different demon dialects, as well as Latin and Pig Latin. He is also a screenwriter and graphic designer. He has been working with independent comics for the past 5 years as a writer, editor, and letterer on his own personal projects, like “Sideral Justice.” Some of Deyvison’s lettering credits also include “Onodata,” “Furia,” Classified,” Preble’s Boys,” and “The Few and Cursed.” 

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