Dagon: Troll world chronicles- Battle art and concept art



Dagon: Troll world chronicles is a dark fantasy animated film series about gangster trolls, with the first episode set to be released on July 30th on YouTube, and animations of epic battles between trolls and demons underway, it is time for a sneak peak at the battle art for the film. Artists Brit Sellers (aka Gov the Scoffer), Greenminer and Charles Indigo Longfellow, in charge of animations and character art for the film, present for the Monday Battle art feature for Creators of written sins; Dagon: Troll world chronicles fight scene and battle art….

(Below) Fatz the gangster by Brit Sellers

   (Below) Dagon by Charles Indigo Longellow

(Below) Laura by Brit Sellers

(Above) Dagon by Brit Sellers

(Above) Necrofer the demon by Brit Sellers

(Above) Jaqualin by Charles Indigo Longfellow

(Above) Dagon battle sketches by Brit Sellers

(Above) Earth war ship by Greenminer.

(above ) Jaqualin ( Torture scene) by Charles Indigo Longfellow

(Above) Laura by Brit Sellers

(Above) Dagon by Charles Indigo Longfellow

Goeyre Heddagh by Brit Sellers

(Above) Car chase scene by Greenminer

Line up By Brit Sellers, Charles Longfellow and Greenminer.

Brit Sellers aka Gov the Scoffer is an indie film director and comic book artist, he is skilled in ink and water colors and is currently animating and directing the film series Dagon: Troll world chronicles.

Charles Indigo Longfellow is a Professor of life, retired. He is a poet and a magnificent artist. He is skilled in water color, ink, pencil, color pencils, conte crayons and gouache. He speaks seven languages badly and is subject to gout. He is Gov’s uncle.

Greenminer is an animator, comic book writer and illustrator and a script writer, he is skilled in pencil, water color and scratch board. He is Gov’s little brother.

Battle scenes are awesome, and we have had a great time creating these sketches and paintings, Dagon: Troll world chronicles will be unlike anything you have seen before. If you want to learn more check out the official website for the film series, like us on facebook and subscribe to us on YouTube! ( All links concerning the film series can be found on the official website for Dagon:Troll world chronicles, just click on the link below. )


To see more art from Brit Sellers you can check out his deviant art page.


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To see more art by Greenminer check out his deviant art page.


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