After surviving a werewolf attack and cursed with Lycanthrapy, Police Detective Jack Myers becomes a private detective.

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After surviving a werewolf attack and cursed with Lycanthrapy, Police Detective Jack Myers becomes a private detective.

 LYCAN #1 is a 24 page comic that kicks off a 4 issue Limited Series in a detective horror action adventure, with elements of today’s superhero titles. The comic introduces readers to a new world of heroes and villains. This comic book is for all readers, but contains graphic violence and very little adult language.

While Police Detective Jack Myers was on a hunting trip with his friend, Detective John Nox, Jack was attacked by a werewolf. After surviving the attack he woke up in the hospital. Weeks later after his release Jack was back on the job. He and Nox were looking for a young gypsy girl who had been kidnapped. After they rescued her the girl’s mother wished to thank them personally. As soon as she met Jack she immediately sensed the Lycanthrapy curse. Madam Theresa warned Jack of his condition, but he blew it off as the ramblings of a mad woman. Later that night under the light of a full moon, Jack did transform. His wife Jennifer and daughter Felicity witnessed the act, but before they could be harmed Madam Theresa intervened and saved Jack’s family from the beast that lives inside him. The next morning Jack visited Madam Theresa and sought her help. The gypsy wanted to help Jack so she did the only thing she could, she cursed him. Jack will have complete control over the wolf, but he will always be the wolf. With his new appearance Jack could no longer live a normal life. Forced to leave his job and family he moves in with his friend, Nox. As time went by Jack begins to feel trapped. Missing his life as a police detective he begins to prowl at night. Looking to do the only thing he knows, fight crime. Seeing there no way to make his friend happy, Nox quits his job and opens a private detective agency, where Jack can be the leg work and Nox as the face of the operation. So from that moment on, being cursed with lycanthrapy, ex-police detective, Jack Myers becomes the private detective known as Lycan.



Now let’s meet the creative minds behind the creation of LYCAN #1.

Writer and Letters: Stephen Krebs

That’s me! I’m the creator of Shadow Press and Lycan. I am also the acclaimed author of “The Vampire Chronicles of Jack Holladay” trilogy. I have been writing novels since 2011 and have published 3 novels. I’m excited to share this comic book with the world and hope everyone loves it as much as us here at Shadow Press.

Pencils: Dody Eka

Dody has been penciling for 6 years and been working for several indy comics publishers over that time.

Inks: Tebe Andry

I wasn’t able to talk with Tebe before the kickstart, but he has worked with Dody for quite some time and his work talks for itself.

Colors: Iwan Joko Triyono

Iwan has worked as a colorist in the world of comics for 5 years. 2 of those years as a freelancer. Besides the many Indie companies Iwan has worked for, he also colored trading cards for Marvel Comics.

Cover: Isaac Cordova

Isaac is known for his work on Marvel Comics titles Morbius and Silver Sable. Isaac has worked in the comic industry for over 20 years.

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