This was The 1st message Sent out on when this site went live on May  19, 2016, at 4:35 pm

Welcome to Creators of Written Sins. We are part of the Written Sins Network out to once and for all stop the Reboot Culture.  This site will showcase Creators, and Artists.

There is absolutely no need for anyone to join, be a member  and or pay for anything to be showcased on this site. The one and only requirement is you be a creator or an artist.

To get showcased just ask. Seriously it is that easy. Use this site to Network yourself. (  Over time we will upgrade and create a data base of all creators.)  For now we are going with a clean  and simple start.

Check Back often to see who is added and if they are looking for a creative partner in Creating Sins.

Sadly I cannot report we stopped the Reboot Culture, it is still alive and well with a new Spiderman Movie, 2 more reboots with the Major 2 and another to now come possibly 2.  However, the WrittenSins network Has helped to get funds for over 100 Kickstartes and promoted countless creators. WrittenSins.com is now owned By Sinsful Comics and yet has remained a FREE SITE for creators to use to have a voice.  We have 17k plus subscribers we call Sinners.  Our reach grows daily.  BUT NONE of that has been possible without You. Anyone who ever allowed us to share their work and or did an interview and especially you the Fans and Sinners who have come back daily and supporters we THANK YOU. We are all happy to be 1ofUs with you. So no long speech here,  we will keep it short and Say We are just getting Started!!!!!!

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