Toothville #2 is here to extract Funding from fans of Creativity

Tilda Hillfairy and her cat Slinky are back for more adventures in this 24 page second issue of Toothville.



In issue 2 Tilda finds herself on Earth hot on the trail of Johann Dipplurger. Decayless is going viral and Dipplurger has teamed up with business tycoon Ronald Birchard and the toothpaste has gone global. As Tilda and Slinky dig deeper they realise that there is far more to Decayless than meets the eye. With the fate of Toothville and the human race on her shoulders, Tilda prepares herself for her greatest adventure yet.


What’s up for grabs?

We have been busy collecting loads of different rewards for this Kickstarter. We have sketch cards, draw ins and Toothrot drinking dispensers and glasses. Check it out here.

Skeptics give us a chance

Try us out In exchange for a £1 we will email you a digital copy of Toothville issue one as a PDF. You get to check out the comic and who knows you may want to come back for more.

Returning to Toothville Digital issue 2

Pledge £3. Grab yourself a PDF with the original cover and a thank you in the book.

Toothville Newbies

Pledge £4. Grab yourself digital copies of Toothville issue 1 and 2. Thank you in the book.

Toothville #2 printed comic

Pledge £5 Get a physical copy of issue 2 of Toothville with the original cover. Digital copy of Issue 2. Thank you mention in the comic.

Toothville Issue 2 Exclusive KS Cover

Pledge £6 Physical Copy of Toothville Issue 2 with KS exclusive cover by Juan Fleites. Digital copy of Toothville issue 2. Thank you in the book.

Swampline Digital Comic bundle

Pledge £8 Grab yourself a selection of digital comics by Swampline Comics Toothville #1 Toothville #2 Ghostly Tides #1 2 Bonus Slinky short comics.



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