Luis RT, know this: there is nothing Classy about The 7 Deadly Questions

 Name: Luis Roldán Torquemada12800328_903854523045208_1228055746867114263_n
Nom De Plume: Luis Roldán, Luis RT, Torque
Creative Position: Writer
Contact Info: / Twitter -> @luiserrete
Growing up: Preacher
and now: Cerebus
The 1 Superpower you want:  Teleportation!
Location: Málaga, Spain
Your Credits: Writer / Co-creator of Remember, Karma Coyote, Oxomon

The7Deadly  Questions

vs Luis Roldán Torquemada

What are you most proud of being a creative part of?
I’m proud of every little project I’ve been part of, but I think the projects I’m working on at the moment (Remember, Karma Coyote…) is my best work so far.


Who waRemember1your favorite creator growing up?
Moebius, Richard Corben, Larry Hama/Adam Kubert.
What are your creative goals in life?
Make a living out of it. Be creative 24/7 with my better half, Roxanne Sancto.Tupper
Do you think sex and sexuality is a good creative tool if used right or is it something that should be ignored?
Sex is great! It can be a brilliant creative tool if used correctly (see Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss, Gilbert Hernandez’s Birdland). The thing is sex (and violence) is mostly used as a selling point, rather than a creative aspect. What can you do? Mainstream readers love boobs. There’s not a lot of love for penises, though.Takkav

Do you think humans as a group can ever get past our instinct to form groups attack and blame others?
I think if Earth was rebooted and we humans had a chance to start over, we would end up in the exact same place (or maybe we would find a way to destroy each other and the planet even faster, who knows!)
What super villain needs to be killed as they are too dangerous to live?
Do politicians qualify as super villains?
What is a mistake you made that our reader can learn from?
Being too eager! Writing huge scripts and hoping artists/editors would be interested in someone they never heard about. You need to build your career step by step. Also, writing what you think people want to read. Fuck that shit! Write what you’re passionate about. If not, your work will probably be bland and uninteresting.

Well done, you have a paragraph to tell us what you are working on now and what cons we can find you at:

“I’m currently working on Remember, a sci-fi thriller comic series illustrated by Mariano Eliceche and colored by Angel Legna, Karma Coyote, with artist Diego Simone and two untitled projects with Sef Briz. I’m also about to publish the first issue of the science fiction series Oxomon (with artist Kaskajo) in Comixology.”-Luis Roldán TorquemadaHeadfullofbirds

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