Nandor Fox Shaffer’s 7 Deadly Seasons

Nandor Fox Shaffer
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Creative Position:
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Growing up:
Captain America by Ed Brubaker
and now:
New Avengers by Jonathan Hickman
The 1 Superpower you want:
Jefferson City, MO
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WS’s Deadly   QueStIoNS

What have you been a part of creating that you can’t help but brag about to anyone who will listen?
I’m the proud creator and writer of the independent creator-owned graphic novel series, SEASONS

What Indie Title are you currently a huge fan of and recommend?

The Black Monday Murders by Jonathan Hickman & Tomm Coker.

What is a Dream Project of yours??
Writing any of my favorite superhero books such as Captain America or The Flash. Though writing an episode of BBC’s Doctor Who would kill me, I think.

Is sexuality focused on too much in comic books?

It definitely can be in some circles, but, generally, I wouldn’t say so. At least I’m not aware that it is.

What is the worst thing a Villain can do to a Hero?
Murder the hero’s parents/close ones (lover, children, friends).

Which Character is so overrated given the power you would kill off and why them?
It’s probably because of the recent feature film release, but there’s so many people now who say “Deadpool is so awesome! I love him!” And this can be from people who’ve never read a Deadpool comic before! Of course, I like Deadpool, but he’s become adored here recently, and more so because of the raunchy writing surrounding him than the actual character itself. You could argue that the Deadpool of the ’90’s has been kind of…lost or at least forgotten, really.

What is a mistake you made in your early years that our readers can learn from and not make themselves thanks to your advice?  
If you’re a comic book writer/creator, it’s your job to make sure you and your artist are in sync and on the same page creatively and as far as finances are concerned. There was one artist I worked with SEASONS on that didn’t work out before I met Anthony, and I learned a lot about how to effectively communicate properly. Also, be sure to be picky when it comes to finding a work-for hire/freelance artist. Don’t just pay anyone to work on your book.  Strive to look for quality work. The reward is so worth it in the end.

Well done  you have a single paragraph to tell us why we should become fans  and what you are working on now:

Right now I’m working on my independent, creator-owned graphic novel series, SEASONS. It’s a slice-of-life drama that has superhero and supernatural elements in it and follows the main character, Fletcher Hart Iiams, through what will be the one defining year of his life. As each season passes, he is given a new variety of powers and faces varying trials, enemies, and circumstance that will break and mold him as a person. The Kickstarter for SEASONS Vol. 1: Spring, the first book in the series, is live right now and I would ask that you become a fan and support it because I know no one else could’ve written this story. It’s a one-of-a-kind journey that will challenge you and hopefully touch people in ways not commonly explored in the medium. And, in all honesty, once you see Anthony’s art for the book, I don’t think you’ll be able to resist! He’s incredible to work with and his art nails it every time. If you want to read a visually stunning and emotionally compelling story, SEASONS is it. 

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