Eric J. Cockrell and his 7 Original Sins



Eric J Cockrell

Nom De Plume:


Creative Position:


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Growing up:

Fantastic Four

and now:

Dynamite’s James Bond

The 1 Superpower you want:

To be able to draw and sleep at the same time.


Chicago, IL


Your Credits:

Defective Comics – Blister – Rejected Hammer Thesis

WS’s 7 Deadly   QueStIoNS

What have you been a part of creating that you can’t help but brag about to anyone who will listen?


Writing my Blister Novel, about some kids in a punk band.  It was a different and huge undertaking.  I actually worked for years planning it as a web comic, but decided to write it as a prose book to get it done quicker.  That was a joke.  Writing a book takes forever.  But it was an awesome and continually rewarding experience.  A couple highlights besides the writing and release of the book that I love are that I produced an audio version of the first story of the book, and had a song created as a Blister song.  The newest thing that I love working on regarding Blister is the comic adaptation, which is running on Kickstarter right now at

What Indie Title are you currently a huge fan of and recommend?
As far as mainstream indie goes, I love what Dynamite has done with the James Bond comics.  I think they have found a perfect middle ground between the classic Connery Bond, and the recent Craig Bond.  I just love it.

Where self-published indies are concerned, I love Scott Weldon’s Harland Buck, and seriously couldn’t recommend it more.

What is a Dream Project of yours??

Don’t get me started!  I have plans in my head for a full Blister album, Blisterfest Punk Festival, and a Blister motion picture or Netflix series.  Hahaha.  I could go on all day.

Is sexuality focused on too much in comic books?
The beauty of comics is that if you look, you can always find a comic that suits you and your sensibility.  I personally don’t seek that out, so I don’t see that it is.  But if you’re looking for it, it’s probably all over the place.

What is the worst thing a Villain can do to a Hero?


Retire.  Then what’s left for the hero?

Which Character is so overrated given the power you would kill off and why them?


I actually don’t know.  I used to not care for Deadpool, but that movie made me a fan.   I also was not a Punisher fan, but Daredevil season two sold me on him.  I guess they all have their moments, but I don’t dislike any enough to kill them off.

What is a mistake you made in your early years that our readers can learn from and not make themselves thanks to your advice?  

Pace yourself, and get a significant portion of your work done before announcing anything.  The worst thing I’ve done, and this was years ago, was over-promise and under-deliver.  I’m done with that.

Well done  you have a single paragraph to tell us why we should become fans  and what you are working on now:

Blister is just one of the most honest things out there.  I’ve been saying that in a world of fake news and utter bullshit, Blister is real as fuck, and I mean it.  I think it’s hilarious and I think it really captures a punk rock attitude.

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