Stephen Kok Utters 7 Deadly Words!



Stephen Kok
Nom De Plume:
Creative Position:
Contact Info:
Growing up:
Australia and still in Australia!
The 1 Superpower you want:
Your Credits:
Tabby (ISBN 9780994289902)
Tabby Sketchbook (ISBN 9780994289919)
5 Seconds (ISBN 9780994289926)
Blue (ISBN 9780994289933)
What have you been a part of creating that you can’t help but brag about to anyone who will listen?
My current project Word Smith is something I’m very proud of! Of all the projects I have created, it’s probably the one that has resonated the most with.
What Indie Title are you currently a huge fan of and recommend?
There an indie publisher in Melbourne, Australia called Comics2Movies which is cranking out some great stuff. Their main title in called XCT (Xtreme Champion Tournament) in which a cloned Spartacus fights in a future gladiator tournament. The publisher has been very supportive of the Australian indie scene as well and even given a small writing opportunity.
What is a Dream Project of yours?
Translating one of my stories into animation! I’ve had a small (<5 seconds) animation commissioned from my latest project Word Smith. I would love to get a trailer (< 2 minutes) next and hopefully get a short season!
Is sexuality focused on too much in comic books?
It really depends. Comics are a just a story telling medium and there’s lot of categories. Superhero comics are aspirational though hence why the characters looks like greek gods and goddesses!
What is the worst thing a Villain can do to a Hero?
Convince the Hero that they are in fact in the villain. I think there is an idea that a villain always thinks that they are the hero. No one wants to be the “bad guy”.
Which Character is so overrated given the power you would kill off and why them?
I think there is overuse and misuse of a character but I would never call a character overrated. In the hands of a good writer, a character doesn’t need to be “killed off” unless it’s required as part of the story.
What is a mistake you made in your early years that our readers can learn from and not make themselves thanks to your advice?  
Make mistakes! Don’t be afraid to do so but more importantly keep creating (whether it’s writing, drawing etc.). No advice is going to beat experience and it’s really the only way to improve!
Well done you have a single paragraph to tell us why we should become fans  and what you are working on now:
My current graphic novel on Kickstarter is a steampunk fantasy adventure and I’m hoping you will check it out. This is my first work in that genre, my earlier works have been animal or slice of life stories. At the heart of Word Smith is still the characters and their interactions with each other!

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