You better be careful Shawn DePasquale, or The 7 will cancel you like you’re a Fox Scifi show .

GALAXY’S FOR HIRE – 5000AD action, sci-fi + sibling rivalry ends 8-20-16

Shawn DePasquale
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Shawn DePasquale
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@shawnwrites on twitter
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Vision, Letter 44, I Hate Fairyland
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Los Angeles
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Writer: PIXIES, The Numbered, Space,MN and Galaxys For Hire
Lettering: Arcana, Archai, Image, Oni, and so many more…

The7Deadly   Questions

want to see if your ratings are high enough for a second season Shawn DePasquale or are you about to be cancelled?

6c074282ebb70eeb6e1124f8bbb3c77d_originalYou actually said this: VOLTRON-meets-FIREFLY epic SAGA! can you really deliver on that?
I sure hope so. Although, that’s actually flipped. I usually pitch it as Firefly + Voltron + All-Female Cast = Galaxys For Hire. I do hope that I’ve managed to evoke just a little bit of the character magic Whedon infused Firefly with, and I’ve certainly hit my giant robot quota for Voltron homages. That’s the elevator pitch version, at it’s heart Galaxys For Hire is about two sisters: one a cop and the other a criminal, forced to work together to evade an army. It’s a book about family, trust, adventure and robots.

1049b0f8a3d06d18935bc5aa4f77e10e_originalWhat where you top ten cartoons growing up

1. Batman the Animated Series
2. Animaniacs
3. Ducktails
4. Darkwing Duck
5. Freakazoid
6. Eek The Cat
7. Scooby-Doo
8. Justice League
9. Tiny Toon Adventures
10. The Simpsons

0188973fcf9d947e96a2e5a841fbf678_originalHow far do you believe that galaxy’s for hire will go? Will there be a cartoon? A lunchbox? Maybe a coloring book? You gotta have action figures right?
Yes. I hope there are all of these things. Ideally though I’d be really happy if people just loved this book as much as myself and the creative team do. Coloring book is easy enough to make if there’s a demand for it. As for cartoons, lunchboxes and action figures… a guy can dream.

30cb68ed8eb4991a535e626c3b84f578_originalAs a creator in the Dawn of female equality in comics do you worry about offending females in how you portray them?
I hope I don’t offend women with how I portray them, but I wouldn’t say I’m worried. The women in this series are all based on real women in my life. Obviously I don’t know any 8 foot bird-ladies, but their e3183da6b48c4d393051e0a5e72ab9d4_originalpersonalities, their beliefs, their attitudes are all based on real people. That said, I am conscious of how they’re portrayed in the book (we try to avoid “cheesecake” shots) and I would hope that if they could come to life and read it for themselves none of the girl in my book would be upset. Except Tanna, she’d probably say I’m portraying her as too much of a hard ass.

a87f6ed532863cc826f6f47b85e6018d_originalWe live in an age where there is a lot to be mad about, is it hard to get people to be silly or are comic like yours just what this world needs??
One of my biggest goals with this book was to move away from doom and gloom storytelling. We blow up planets, threaten galaxies, but at no point do we lose sight of the fact that this is a fun-sci-fi adventure set in the year 5000 with a cast of colorful characters and a bird-lady.

6e27fff089bee50b299481295039f731_originalWould you sell the Galaxy for Hire for a ton of mone, knowing this was gonna be the best deal you would ever get but without any creative control?
No. I love these girls. I’ve got a ton of other properties I’d sell, but this isn’t one of them.

What advice would you give fellow creators about how to succeed in indie comics?
Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever stop. Ever. Never. Ever. It will be HARD. You will get REJECTED a BUNCH. You HAVE TO PULL YOURSELF FORWARD. Nothing about it is easy and the most rewarding parts are when you get art back and the rare occasion someone reaches out to tell you they enjoy what you’re doing. You’ve got to be doing it for YOU and nothing else. And most important, you have to remember: THE ONLY TIME YOU FAIL IS IF YOU STOP TRYING.13be973998ae3f0a8c5660d67cecd514_original

Well done Shawn DePasquale your rating are through the roof and The 7 Deadly Questions attempt on you has been cancelled. have a paragraph to tell us why we what you are working on now and what cons we can find you at :

I’m writing the second arc of Galaxys For Hire, working on a secret project with another Devil’s Due creator, co-hosting two podcasts (one is an improv comedy show, the other is about Stephen King’s The Dark Tower) and trying to hold down a day job in TV production. As for conventions…. schedule pending I’m hoping to end up at NYCC, but nothing is set in stone yet.


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