Joe Sanchez The 7 Deadly Sins will make you think they are the Diablo .

Nom De Plume: Josan 
Contact Info: The art of Josan @josanillustration
Location: México 

Credits: I started out as an inker for DC comics- 13393901_1182524005101208_4847721352085496923_nSuicide Squad/DC licensing DarkHorse comics- StarWars Tales inks, Planet of the Apes ink assists Image Comics- Alternation inks.My first full art published work was in HeavyMetal magazine 266,  Dharma issues #1, and 413418720_1182518355101773_481854103485267260_n

Creative Title: Illustrator
Favorite Comic:  Hellboy 
If you could have a 1 power: Immortality



The7Deadly   Questions

aka Diablo


When you work with writers is money more important or a stake in the future work?
For now money, but if the right project comes along I’d give priority to it. 

13312652_1172953672724908_3095400491434058170_nWhat indy title would you like to work on one day?
 Something scifi related

Where iss the line of personal success for you ?
To have happy readers and an 13329617_1175008072519468_2943375778117458572_oactive fanbase, and of course to be able to pay the bills with my comics work

Do you feel Gay characters are being used properly in comics?

13407241_1179626798724262_5850911607076792187_nGay characters shouldn’t be treated any different than straight ones, I believe that telling a good story should be the ultimate goal.


13614950_1196480697038872_3792729786721208584_nDo you think animal abuse is over looked in comics as almost ok and not being taken serious as it should be?
 I firmly believe that as storytellers we have the responsibility to push for re13523000_1195075720512703_5801200655976736206_ospect for all species, we all live here after all. There’s got to be a special circle in hell for those who enjoy seeing animals suffer.

What current project of yours do think deserves to be made into a movie?
A scifi13497682_1187437667943175_2318952694646721498_o story I’m working on It’s Metabarons meets Game of Thrones.
What is the Worst superhero team every created  and why ?  
Hmmm… I’d have to say The X-Men they started out great but with so many issues out there, I guess their story has been forced into a multitude of hardships, their team chemistry doesn’t feel natural anymore. 
Well done  you have a single paragraph to tell us why we should become fans  and what you are working on now :
I stopped inking professionally to pursue a career in illustration. It’s been a long road of learning, doing advertising, graphic designing, and freelance illustration taught me a lot in terms of technique, meeting deadlines, and self critique. I’m currently working on two stories, one scifi, and another one fantasy based, as well as working on samples pages to show editors I cant meet quality standards and most of all deadlines. 


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