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12642522_1316966621662112_5409845228221853300_nName: Nikolas Everhart
Pen Name: I tend to not name my pens as they have really short life spans.  Everything I write is under Nikolas Everhart but if I’m feeling cagey I go by Steel Lion.
Location: Cincinnati OH (otherwise known as Don’t take our guns or we’ll kill you with our assault rifles.
Credits: Wooden Messiah (short story on Amazon Kindle); Scattered Stars: 2016 Word Branch Sci-Fi Anthology.
Creative TitleWriter, Reviewer, Redneck. 
Favorite Comic:  Ragnarok by Walter Simonson
If you could have a 1 power:  Cosmic Awareness  ( I have missed so many things of significance without ever being aware of it)
Any Additional Personal Info:  I am a long time writer, I love to read fiction voraciously.  I also review indie comics at  During the day I am a linux consultant and make chain mail jewelry in my (theoretical spare time.)  I love nothing more than to beta-read manuscripts for friends and colleagues.  One of my favorite sayings about myself is that there is nothing I enjoy more than participating in someone else’s success.  If I had a mantra it would be that I never give up.  My passion is fighting for causes I believe in and correcting injustice on any level that I can when I see it.  Many have tried to break me over the years, but I’m just plain too focused to ever let it change my outlook.1916356_101133386578781_1154036_n 

Nikolas Everhart can you survive your review  by

The7Deadly Questions
We Shall see…..

If you knew a Creator stole an Idea from another creator but he was willing to pay you off to keep your mouth shut, what would he have to pay you?
Honestly there is no amount of money anywhere that would allow me to let this pass.  In the past year, working with creators on kick starter, with Geekorama, and through people like Dirk Manning, I’ve learned exactly what an up hill battle it is to get anything from any idea to print.  I could probably live with any kind of theft other than an idea.  Our ideas, our dreams are of the substance of our beings whether we’re scientists, artists, or writers.  To stand silent while a creator was robbed of something like that would never sit with me.  ON.  ANY.  LEVEL.

 What things do you hate reviewing?

This list is actually rather long.  The worse far me are pretentious self-important titles that are loaded with glaringly obvious symbolism.  I just reviewed a title like this last week, called Limbo.  I’m sure it’s revered as the comic book equivalent of fine literature but the symbolism was so in your face.  As a reader there is nothing that ticks me off more than a writer who has to continually beat me over the head with how important their story is.  Good stories will reveal themselves, they don’t need reminders. 

Nothing ruins a book for me more than someone who doesn’t pull of good expressions in conversation panels.  If you have great dialogue and flat unreadable faces you have just lost me as a reader.  My final pet peeve is anyone who does a black and white comic and just fills the scenes up with empty white space for no apparent reason.  Losing those heavy blacks and deep shading are the difference between a black and white comic and a comic that just didn’t get colored. 

What Superhero do you secretly hope dies in a painful way?

Deadpool.  In a heartbeat.  I’ve never been crazy about anit-heroes but the unrestrained violence that’s endemic to Deadpool puts me off in so many ways.  There have been some nice arcs done by very talented guys but overall I can’t think of any character that I’m ever least interested in seeing or hearing about.  I got into comics originally because they took me to a place where people wanted to rise above themselves and be the best versions of themselves.  I see Deadpool and it makes me think of all things that drag us down and wallow in the hate, pain, and cruelty of the world.

What Review got you in trouble?
 I know it sounds like a cop-out but I can’t remember ever getting into trouble for a review.  I think that’s because when I’m reading something for a review, I try to put myself in the mind of the intended audience.  There are a lot of books out there that are not to my tastes, but they are to someone’s tastes.  Except in the case of writers and artists that just obviously aren’t trying, I can’t give something a bad review. Someone wants to read it.  I try to write my review for those people and indicate who those people might be.  It takes dozens if not hundreds of hours of work to make a comic happen.  I can’t pan something that someone put their heart and soul into unless it’s just so bad that it should never have made it to print. 

If you could talk to any human who every walked on this earth who would it be, dead or alive?? And why them?

Dead?  Robert E. Howard.  Everything I do is in some way driven by the man who inspired me all those decades ago and made me want to pick up a pen and start writing my own stories.  This was a man who created characters that people still want to create for now, over 80 years later.  He was also cursed by such pain in his lifetime that he took his own life at the age of 30 years old.  So much lost.  It still boggles my mind. 

 What Comic book or collectable is currently on your wish list that you just can’t find (or find at the right price) ? 

Attainable?  Raydeen from the 70’s Shogun Warriors.  Unattainable?  Journey Into Mystery #83.  I have a nearly complete run of Thor going back to the sixties.  I think I’m only missing like 11 issues.

What super power strikes you as just plain old stupid and is the worst power of all to have if not a cruse of the lame!

Matter-Eater Lad.  the ability to eat anything.  DC had a knack for coming up with the worst super heroes imaginable for that book. 


11401586_1161875050504604_4491853402787400531_nNikolas Everhart you have earned The 7 deadly Sins admiration . No and easy venture at all.  You are a refined gentlemen redneck Mr Nikolas Everhart and you now have one paragraph to tell us where we can find your reviews and another for whats next on your to do list?

I do regular reviews for independent comics  I love focusing on the good old swashbuckling tales. Right now I’m adoring the Grant Morrison/Dan Mora team-up for Klaus. 

I am currently working on my first full length novel about a thief who steals a bracelet that contains the spirit of a knight of valor that compels him to act bravely.  I am also plotting a story about a magically made zombie getting caught up in a scientific zombie apocalypse.  Somewhere down the line it’s likely that a longer version of Cee is for Clones (my story in the Sci-Fi anthology mentioned above) will also be created. 

People can also check out my website: for new and upcoming projects or events. 

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