Criss Madd The 7 Deadly Questions don’t think you are Madd enough to take them on. .

10509484_720106818087079_2722941776185487084_nName: Criss Madd
Pen Name: Staedtler
Location:  New Jersey
Credit:  670
Creative Title: Artist/Illustrator
Favorite Comic: There are way to many but Batman, We are Robin and Hexed are a few of the latest.
If you could have a 1 power:Time travel


Criss Madd


The7Deadly Questions

You can choose to work for Marvel or DC but have to agree to go to all the cons and do all the panels.  Its a grueling schedule and they expect this on top of your normal workload.  They say after two years you will get less con time.  Do you take the job know how impossible it will be at times?

There was a time I’d have said yes, as long as they’re footing the bill. But now I think as long as I can create and make a living (preferably a comfortable living) I don’t need sell my soul to the big two. But who knows what will happen when the devil comes knocking, I know I’m at least gonna open the door.

Is it harder to draw a woman or a man?

I want to say men, but only because with women you don’t need to do all the detailing like with the male form. As long as the lines flow right, women can be left simple.
But it’s animals that really get me.

Is there something you can suggest to writer to help them work better with artists that you have learned?

That’s a personal preference. Everyone needs to find there own grove and learn what they need from from their writer and or artist. And not be afraid to tell them. For me I like a writer to paint a picture with words. I want to know what he/she sees when they’re writing but not need it to be set in stone.
Hopefully  as you work together you learn what the other wants or needs and the structure can be more relaxed.

What Movie needs a Sequel that has not been made yet, NOT A REBOOT a Sequel!

I would have loved a sequel to Flash Gordon but it would have had to happen with all the original cast and Queen doing another great soundtrack.
But if Tim Burton did another Nightmare movie. I’d love to see what’s been going on in Halloween town.

What character are you dying to draw for a living?
 I’ve always wanted to draw Batman and Spawn, but I’d hate to fuck up Batman.

What Superhero would you erase from existence if given the power to do it? 
 I’m sure there are a lot of B and C (and a few A) class characters I’d say needed to be gotten rid of at one point or another. But they’ve all had there good runs (the ones that come to mind) and I’d hate to get rid of one and have a butterfly effect happen and cause the inspiration for even better characters to never happen.


Criss Madd you have passed through The 7 Deadly Question with out going completely mad.  As a reward to the sanity you have left we grant you Shamless Plug time, our favorite sin.
Well I have an issue of Tomorrow that is supposed to be seeing print later this summer. And if rebelling angels and a stroll through the 9 levels of hell sounds like your kind of date “The Angel Wars” will coming out late July or early August from UWS comics.I’m also currently working on art for a toy line called Hell Screamerz from Sunok Studios and have two up coming projects I can’t talk about just yet. Of course I’m always looking for new projects and commissions. m/

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