Stefani Manard you just survived your first Comic Con panel but can you survive The 7 Deadly Questions .

13092162_10206272306471449_6979398439646016090_nName: Stefani Manard
Pen Name: Stefani Manard
Contact Info: Twitter: @drunkdorksStef
Location: Detroit, MI
Credits: Psycho Path #1
Creative Title: Writer, comic creator, CEO of Scapegoat Press
Favorite Comic: Wytches
If you could have a 1 power :Immortality

Stefani Manard lets see if you can survive this panel of

The7Deadly   Questions

Do you feel women are over sexualized in comics?
I feel that for many years women were used as props and backdrops for men in comics. That has been changing in the industry for some time, and we are seeing a lot more women being the ass kickers, instead of the set dressings. There is no room for this in the industry anymore, as women are 50% of comic book readers. If you don’t allow comics to represent the world as it is, then don’t expect to sell them.

What  Major Character do you think needs to be overvalued? (Overhauled?)
There are no characters that I would overhaul. They are written as they are by writers whose vision should be kept intact. I am all for people giving creative license to others to write new stories with their characters, but the original vision of a writer, unless they change it themselves, is as it should be.

  You have your first comic ready for the printers and boom, you see this comic getting attention all over social media and it looks like a complete rip off of your work.  Worse still is its from someone you know, What do you do next?
In this business there are a lot of different comics that have a similar theme, have a similar look, and so on. If it was something that was actually copy written by me, that was my actual property, then I would of course defend my work. If it was just a similar story, then I would rely on my own work to stand out. There is no need to put someone else down in this business, unless they are breaking one of the big rules, such as copy write infringement.

What bad habit are you trying to mend when it comes to working with other artists and creators?
I have had such wonderful experiences with the people that I have worked with. The worst habit I think that I have when it comes to working with others is the need to have control. I have learned to let that go while working on Psycho Path #1. Paul Gori, my artist, worked with me and really helped me trust another person with my vision. He made the book even better than I could have hoped. Hopefully I can learn to let go with everyone that I work with in the future.

What is a show on TV you hate, I mean you write about your hate for it all over and tell all your friends about how much you hate it?  And would you write for it for only one season and get  one million dollars for the effort?
I don’t really hate any shows. If I had to choose something it would be any reality show. I’m not big on them, as scripted reality is not, in fact, reality. I would love to write for one of those types of shows, because I would make them do things that would be ridiculous. If I could get paid a million dollars to make people look silly, even better!

What is a creativity goal you are trying to hit this calendar year?
Getting back into writing every day would be great. With all my other responsibilities it is often difficult to block out time each day to work on my projects. I have a lot of things I would like to do with Scapegoat Press, and the more I write, the further I can take it. So, I am desperately seeking out a few more hours in each day to make this a possibility again.

What now dead character would you revive and bring to your creative world  so they can interact with your characters? If you were made a creative god that is!
I would revive my character from Tale of Mr. Rhee, in which my dear friend Dirk Manning decided to have my head blown off. She was a babe, and a bad ass, so I would love to stick her in one of my upcoming projects.

Astonishing Stefani Manard you navigated The 7 Deadly Questions like a true pro.  But that’s ok  Stefani Manard you are a creative person and we know you will be back one day to promote a new project, and  The 7 Deadly Questions will best you on that day.  But for now have your reward of self promotion.

12778797_10153897323513162_8332795107217651081_oPsycho Path #1 was just released at the end of May, and has had a great reception. Other titles this year include Secrets Best Kept, a short story book intertwining horror, technology, monsters (both literal and figurative), and other tales of terror. I have a short story coming out in an anthology, Anthology of Dreams…and Nightmares,  from RIA Comics later this year. Psycho Path #2 will be out by Christmas as well. So this is a big year for me. As for comic conventions, I will be at the Michigan Comic Book Expo on August 6th, Monroe Comic Con on October 1st, and at Fantasticon Mt. Clemens November 12-13th. Secrets Best kept will be debuting at Monroe Comicon, and I am beyond excited to share this joint project that myself and my best friend Jason Chmielewski have written together. Next year I will have a bigger con schedule, more comics and books, and more fun news to share from Scapegoat Press.

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