The Franchize Jerry Gaylord VS The 7 Deadly Questions!!! .

thefranchize-webName: Jerry Gaylord    
Pen Name: The Franchize
Location: Maryland
Credits: Fanboys vs Zombies, TMNT Amazing Adventures, TMNT/ Ghostbusters, Sonic the Hedgehog, Ultimate Spider-Man (animated seriese), Bill and Ted’s Most Triumphant Return
Creative TitleComic Creator, Storyboard Artist, & Character Designer
Favorite Comic: right now it’s Invincible 
If you could have a 1 power: I’m gonna go with flight

This is a straight up Grudge match between THE Franchize Jerry Gaylord  &

The7Deadly Questions


ice-queenWhat does selling out  mean to you and could you ever see your self ever selling out?
I’m not too sure about this one. I guess it would be selling the rights to your original creation. I suppose I would if maybe I got tired of the character. I can see a situation where it could be the right thing to do.

What was your favorite toys as a child and do you still own it?supes-v-bats-web
 I had so many! I would say my favorite was my Super Powers Superman figure. I loved it so much that I took it everywhere. I lost it alot and had it replaced pretty frequently. I dont still have any from when I was a kid, but I have plenty of Superman figures today including a statue inspired by the figure.

To you, as a creator and a fan first, how important is diversity in the industry to you? And do you feel it is where it needs to be or is there room for improvement?
I would say Diversity is pretty important to me. I think three have to be different voices in all media to give us a wider variety of stories. There is plenty of room for improvement. We will get there though. People of color and women are doing really exciting work in comics.

Squiggly-lines-2015_page-22-webDo you feel as a creator you need to stay away from certain topics? If so what topics are on your do not touch list?
I don’t think there is any topic that is off limits for me. It’s really just a matter of what I feel comfortable with. It’s a free country. we should say what we feel.

Your original character HYPER BOY is becoming a cartoon series.  The Network allows you to pair it with any other superhero cartoon to set up an hour of Heroes.  You now have the power HB-concept-3-web - kickstarterto bring back any now cancelled cartoons series.  So who do you pair Hyper Boy up with and why?
 hmmm… I would bring back the Superfriends! Superfriends would play then Hyperboy. I would love it!

What is a dream job for you to work on, maybe a certain title?
I’ve always wanted to work on Superman. He’s my favorite character and the reason I’m in comics today. Drawing Superman is #1 on the bucket list


What now over the toppopular character would you kill off and keep dead, given the creative control and why??  

Jason Todd/ RedHood. That Robin should stay dead! lol!






The Franchize Jerry Gaylord knocked The 7 Deadly Questions The F@#K Out! Reward time for shutting them up  is Shameless self promotion:

“I love working n comics. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I’m finally at a point where I’m working on my own characters again. My studio mates at IDentity Comics are working on an anthology that we are crowd funding through kickstarter. My character HYPERBOY will be one of the stories in the book. He’s a superpowered pre teen. The stories are larger than life and totally fun. I’ll be joined by Penlope (PENG) Gaylord, Bryan (Flash) Turner, Kenny Groom, and Jeffery and Susan Bridges. All incredible creators. The Kickstarter goes live on July 7th. See you there!”

HB-model-sheet1-wip-web - kickstarter

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