Vicente Rodriguez The 7 Deadly Questions want to pose for you? .

Vicente Rodriguez
Nom De Plume:
Vince Rodriguez
Creative Position:
Freelance illustrator and storyboard artist.
Contact Info:
Growing up:
Fantastic Four
Alien 7and now:
None. Stopped collecting in the mid 80’s.
The 1 Superpower you want:
Miami, Fl
Your Credits: In comics I’ve only done a few obscure indie titles.

The 7 Deadly Questions

Thy are ready to show it all for you

Rachel 1What is your Favorite piece of art?
 Jack Kirby’s Galactus/Silver Surfer Marvel Mania poster.
M5_Wolverine 1What comic book title would you love to do covers for?
 Fantastic Four comic
black horseWhat is your dream gig?
 Creating and publishing my own works and comics.
anime 01Do you worry about being accused of making women too busty and too out of proper proportions and/or do you aim for reality over eye candy?
 I aim for reality more than eye candy. If I do eye candy I try to keep it classy, in good taste and not just plain obvious eye candy. To me that kind of look feels coerced.
PNT_Abe SapienWhat would you do if saw someone was selling your art as their own at a con you where attending ?
 Take their name and info without their knowing it and try to take legal action. If didn’t want to pursue that venue, I’d tell who I am and ask them when the time comes to produce actual custom work for someone how they propose to pull it off.
PNT_hellboy 3Would you rather work on a semi popular indie comic where you owned some creative rights or work on a better know marvel or DC project as a pay as you go gig??
 Marvel/DC. If I didn’t create the product, it’s not mine.
Star Wars 4What is a mistake you made in your early years that our reader can learn form ?
 Giving in to the ol’ “I’ll bring you more work later if you give me the art a low price or for free right now” routine. Don’t fall for that gimmick unless you’re absolutely sure they will later. Otherwise, if you’re not sure, stand your ground and ask yourself.. “what do I owe this person that I should take that chance?” Unless it’s an old client, you owe nothing.

Well done you have a paragraph to tell us why we what you are working on now and what cons we can find you at :

“I am currently promoting myself through Facebook and will be branching out in other social media. I am drawing posting specifically for FB as part of my promo pieces to find an audience for my work. My next steps is to try and begin self publishing comics and also hope to produce art books and prints while I continue doing my storyboard work in the background. I haven’t set up at cons yet but would like to come next year. If I do start hitting the cons I will start here at the Miami and Orlando.”

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