Sinsful comics is here but What is it and what does it mean to this site. (TB)

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Andersin Alyssa

I am creating A New Comic Book Group. The 1st title to go under the banner is… going to be announced May 1 stay tuned

So  the Comic Book Group is out of the bag.  The Mission statement for Sinsful Comics can be found here:

Mission Statment

So now OBVIOUSLY that site and this one are related. But they are not the same at all.  Look at Sinsful Comics  as a Spinoff title.  Yes there will be crossovers but neither site is run by the other or even by the same person. I will remain the Biggest sinner of Written Sins and continue to run it with the help of others.  This is not a business.  We have ads on this site to help with costs it isn’t cheap to run this site. Costs Average around 400 dollars a year.  As many of you know I have funded this with gift money over the last 2 years. But it did also dip into my personal funds which effects my family.  This was done by Alyssa to stop the site costing us money.  Alyssa went with only goggle ads on my request because those are “safe” ads.  To date, we have not made enough to buy dinner.  SO understand is not a business nor ran as one. That will never change so long a I run the Written Sins.  


I have repeatedly gone on record and said this site is my therapy for what is a lifelong battle against chronic pain.  Helping fellow creators help me focus on something other than my daily pain when I can.  I do this for Karma and so when my titles need a site to promote them Written Sins will be there. We all need a Highway for creators to have a voice and get the word out.  there was a forest of trees in the way so I cut them down and created  That the pitch and it will remain the pitch.  Nothing Change this is the Tent for indie Creators and we cover other cool stories from time to time.  We do not do click bait and every thread has a purpose that has nothing to do with making money for this site.  Now that is What is and what I run.

Alyssa is making a Comic Book group. I will be involved helping her as a husband would by giving her advice but not directly involved with the business. This new Group is her business. She got really excited doing Fetish Babies and wanted to start something bigger to stop the bias she felt promoting her book. All comics I make will probably fall under her brand as how could I tell my wife I won’t work with her?  I like the couch for sleeping by choice or when my back is out, not when mandated by my wife. Again yes It is affiliated with but not directly connected. Meaning WrittenSins doesn’t run nor the opposite. Alyssa does officially owns both but Written Sins will remain a nonbusiness website. While SinsfulComics is becoming a business as we speak. She hopes to make it a comic publisher possible down the road.  As for now,
my Focus will remain with and my own comics books.

I do this clear up the confusion on the matter. WrittenSins is not changing its format. Sinsful Comics will be the Home to FETISH BABIES and that will be officially announced Monday. It will begin with her one and only title FETISH BABIES and hopefully grow from there. Feel free to ask any questions below.  But I think this thread clears up most questions. For now, Alyssa has no plans to accept submissions. That would come when she decides the business can grow beyond her Titles. 



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