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Ever since graduating high school, I’ve had a passion for storytelling and dreamed of becoming a comic writer. With my enlistment in the Army completed, I am now seeking to follow my dream. I’ve written multiple stories, but the one I am currently working is a comic called, “WAR” which follows a super villain. I will give fair warning that this is a mature story and not for children.

I have a talented creative team and we will begin working together on WAR at the end of January. Once we have a bulk of material, I will begin releasing it as a weekly web comic. All proceeds donated will go to paying the artists and potential advertisements (shirts, ad space, etc.). The series will start off as a weekly web comic once I have enough material to ensure no breaks in updates, but the end goal is to build up a fan base so I can pitch my stories to major publishers such as Image and Dark Horse Comics.

For those of you who are donating, I want to tell you I deeply appreciate your contribution. Growing up we all have dreams for ourselves and while some of us can’t achieve them, you are actively helping me with mine. Here is a quick cliffhanger that will be in my initial release of the story.

Joe charged into the bank, scythe in hand, with Crimson Ray following close behind. This was Joe’s first real mission but he was confident with his new friend and his newly acquired strength seemingly endowed upon him by the antique weapon. He shouldered his way through the second set of doors and caught one of the bank robbers by surprise with an upward swing of the back end of the scythe. Joe watches almost in slow motion as the robber soars over the empty teller booths and crashes into the wall behind. Satisfied that the robber was out of the fight he thought to himself, ‘I can really do this!’ Joe started to turn back towards the lobby when suddenly he is hit over the head by some unseen assailant and falls to the ground still clutching his weapon. In the moment before he blacks out Joe seems to see the blade of the scythe bathed in an ominous purple glow.


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