CGhirardo Credits Sheet for they Call Us Monsters

A graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, Inc., artist CGhirardo sees comics as art and looks to experiment and push the boundaries and limits of the medium to its full potential. Inspired by super hero comics in the 60’s/70’s, European comics, alternative comics and modern art, CGhirardo blends his Neo-Humanism figurative painting style with sequential storytelling. He has been published in various anthologies including Red Stylo’s 2016 Harvey Nominated anthology “The 27 Club”. CGhirardo continues to self-publish his own zines and comics and enjoys working on independent comics such as Rob Andersin’s “And They Call Us Monsters” to continue taking comics to the next level.

 To read reviews on CGhirardo and see his monthly webcomic, go to:

The 27 Club” (scroll to the bottom)

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