Summers in Higher and so is the Comic Con Season!!!! We just added a bunch of stop across the globe was you event one of them? Let us know .

UPDATED we added and Removed events that have already taken place.  To have your event or an event you are a fan off added just Let Rob Andersin on Facebook know about it


UPDATE 2:  below the picture of the territory hit the name of the territory that’s a different color to go to that list!

SO we put a Ton of effort into this. In fact, we will use this format going forward for all events. So if you are going to a certain event and want people to know you are at the event let us know.  We will add you to that Territory region list making an appearance (give us your table number and a pic you want to use or tell us to pick one).  If an Event is to so Big and has a lot of Creators Going we will create a Speical Event List and list all the creators on that special list. So the more active a Con is the more likely we are to make its own list for it.

Don’t see a con you are going to? That ok we can add it. Just give us the Details on social media or email us.

Want to cover and event for us as a reporter? Cool.  We cannot promise we can get a press pass but we can send you business cards and advertise you are an on the scene reporter for  It is a great way to meet people and network!  

See a Mistake? Let us know.

Have A suggestion? Let us know.

The 2017 Road Maps to Comic Cons Brought to you by and Opinion Stage

Brought to you by and Opinion Stage 

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