Whyte & Wong # 1 Review


48 Hours. Rush Hour. Hot Fuzz. Whyte & Wong. Wait . . . Whyte & Wong? Yes. Big Tree Comics presents Whyte & Wong, a buddy cop series written and drawn by Ricky Eaddy and colored by Dennis Nancarrow.

Genre emulation is something I frequently think about, whether it’s with video games or comics, and Whyte & Wong is firmly in the comedy buddy-cop genre. You really feel like you’re watching Bad Boys. All of the elements you love are here. The veteran straight-laced detective. The free-wheeling yet competent rookie partner. The frustrated captain. Corruption in the department. And plenty of comedic moments. From the title to the dialogue to the excellent character work, the first issue of Whyte & Wong is full of laughs. Even the art, which is in a simplistic style similar to South Park or a webcomic, fits perfectly with the story, giving the book the feel of a DIY comedy zine. The lettering is similarly done, and the flat colors go perfectly. The art style won’t appeal to everyone, but it doesn’t have to.

The issue is entirely character-driven. Being a first issue, it’s mostly set-up, but the set-up is almost entirely focused on getting to know these characters, so by the end you feel like Wong is your zany cousin and Whyte might be your rigid uncle. This is a good thing. We barely get into the duo’s first mystery, but the cliffhanger at the end makes me want to know what’s really going on in what seemed like a fairly straightforward procedural until that last panel.

In conclusion, if you like buddy-cop stories, Whyte & Wong is for you.

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