A fantasy tale about 4 brothers that are transformed into immortal creatures after surviving a crash near a tribal reservation. . . .

Sinistre issue #1 relaunch

WHAT IS SINISTRE ABOUT? The Sinistre brothers embark on a trip to Africa however it is cut short as a fatal boat crash occurs during their travels. They find themselves near the shorelines where an unknown tribe settles. The tribe transform the brothers into immortal creatures in hopes that they will protect them from their enemies.   If you like “The Relic”, “Incredible Hulk”, “Last Airbender” or a great fantasy story then you will enjoy this.

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In this issue “Make Your Choice” the brother’s go on separate paths, challenging them to make choices that could effect themselves and those around them.  Marquis Sinistre is the first of his brothers to undergo transformation. Unaware of his purpose for the Okono tribe, Marquis finds himself at a crossroads between adapting to his environment or dying in it.

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