The Warren Hope Volume 1 Brining 5 Amazing issues together, and READ the first two for FREE RIGHT NOW!!!! . .

Scott “Fuzzy” Joseph Presents

Over the past year I was able to write, illustrate, and publish 5 issues of an ongoing series of comic books. The series is called The Warren Hope.
(read issues 1 and 2 for free here)

The Warren Hope is a study. How we deal with loss, hope, fear, and trust. All this from the point of view of Clara, a young woman who went from taking care of children to being a survivalist, fight for her life and the lives of others.

This Kickstarter is to help me bundle all 5 issues into one book, a 120 page book to be exact! That’s where I need your help. Through this campaign I’ll be able to not just publish a large amount of the books, but also get the story out there to more readers.

The story is there, the art is done, I will fix some of the minor spelling and grammar errors that slipped through before.

I also plan on publishing a compendium to go along with the book. I’m calling it the Compendium of the Supernatural, Divine, and the Damned. This comic book sized compendium will have a special cover designed specifically for the Kickstarter and will offer readers more insight into the various things going on in The Warren Hope that raise questions, like “What exactly are fiends?”


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