Its Time to Grab a Ride on T.i.T.S. . .



T.I.T.S. is an ongoing comic book series chronicling the adventures of our three primary protagonists Starla (a Seattle PD detective), Blotter (a cosmic cabbie), and Skitz Skatz (his irritable cat navigator).

 Each issue of T.I.T.S. is a 24 page, full-color comic book printed in standard 6.625X10.25 inch dimensions. Recommended for Mature Readers.

 Creative Team:

The T.I.T.S. creative team consists of our two phenomenally talented artists: David Gunawan-pencils and Eve Amadour-colors.

Colton Sorrels & Casey Sorrels both write and letter the comic.

Additional art for the credits page was created by Zoran Jankovic.

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