Noir Edition of the crime comic about a retired villain trying to turn a new page. While, the deck is stacked against him. .

The Story

Gil Grimes, a former costumed criminal, was fresh out of prison and trying to stay on the right side of the law when he reluctantly saved a heroin addicted prostitute being brutally attacked outside his apartment. Now out of the hospital and drug free, Lilly Sanchez contacts him, seeing Gil as a hero while he views himself as anything but. Despite himself, he finds he”s falling for her. But their relationship and any hope at a future is put in jeopardy by their pasts. Gil is stalked by an unhinged vigilante hero with a deep grudge against him steaming from the mysterious incident that landed Gil in prison. At the same time his former partners in crime attempt to lure him back to the old life of a super villain. While Lilly is hunted by her former pimp and the vicious serial killer looking to finish the job he started.

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