Bless the Children horror Western one-shot comic book .


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It’s Ravenous meets The Sixth Sense!

What would you do to survive?

Bless the Children is a Western about the physical and mental dangers of being isolated on the frontier.  I have had the story kicking around in my head for years, being inspired by stories of doomed westward expeditions, but I never thought it was complete.

Until it was.  In January I realized that the connective tissue of the story was there, and when I went over it in my head there weren’t any parts missing.  So I wrote it down over the last week in January.  It still didn’t feel complete, but I knew the parts of the story were there.  But I didn’t know how they should be told.  That’s when I started thinking about art styles, and I came across some of the earliest comic books by Rodolphe Toeppfer.  Although meant for satire, I thought it might be an interesting experiment to try to fit the style to horror.  I found artist Greg Woronchak and he was enthused about the project, so I brought him on board.  So what we ended up with was a minimalist Western horror story illustrated in the style of early 19th century social satire.


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