10,000 Miles – A Children’s Book/Graphic Novel Adventure! . .


About this project

An “Impossible” journey…two brothers wanting one last adventure…behold the first 11 pages of…10,000 Miles.

One last adventure…

10,000 Miles is the 72-page tale of two brothers, Bryce and Chris, who are known as the “Impossible Kids”. They’ve spent years using their incredible talents to do the “impossible”, and it’s gotten them a lot of fame. There’s been nothing they haven’t been able to tackle…until they turned 18.

For you see, life is about to separate them, like opposite sides of the country separate. The two can’t fathom this separation.

Desperate to have one last hoorah, one of the brothers finds a book that gives him the inspiration for the last, and possibly greatest, adventure of their lives….

They’re digging their way to China!

How far would you go to make your last moments together memorable?



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