The perfect robbery turns to murder and reincarnation in the form of a voodoo doll for con artist Jack.


The Premise

Jack’s last job should have been simple. One more robbery and the promise of a pay cheque to retire on. What could possibly go wrong? Everything.

Papa Kaboo wants an ancient Haitian artefact and employs Jack and his friend for the job. But things quickly go wrong when Jack’s associate betrays him in a bid to take all the reward money for himself. Luckily for Jack he hid the artefact before he got shot.

Distraught by the loss of his rare artefact Papa Kaboo goes to extreme measures to bring Jack back from the dead. Calling on the help of Jack’s wife Andrea and Dr Heyde, Jack is brought back to life through voodoo magic and finds his soul inhabiting the body of a voodoo doll.

Voodoo Curse issue one sets up Jack’s story and how he becomes a walking, talking Voodoo doll. Issue one is a 22 page full colour comic created by Swampline Comics creators Chris Allen and Kim Roberts. On their latest comic they have teamed up with Renaldo Lay to create a new horror series with a voodoo twist.

Swampline Comics are an indie comic publisher who create the horror anthology Tomb of Horror and other comic titles including Resurrected, Toothville and Ghostly Tides.  Voodoo Curse is their 4th comic series.

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