How can WrittenSiNs promote you??

We run ads you made for at no cost, and it’s really simple all you have to do is tag Rob Andersin on a post you want shared on WrittenSiNs and we will get it here.

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Than there are the interviews

The Seven Deadly Questions are the questions that allow potential fans to peek at your soul

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Now you can do an interview with 7 Deadly Questions on your own while The 7 are MIA

Then there is SPokenSins which is done live on Facebook and YouTube. All it requires is use of Goggle Chrome to run the software at least audio capabilities and video can also be used. We than schedule a time and at that time you go online with Rob Andersin.. Now before the show Rob Andersin will reach out to ask you what topics you want to cover and what links pictures to use for the interview.  Once online with Rob he will walk you over what’s about to happen and when your ready SPokenSins goes live!   The show is meant to last 15 mins. This is the standard time for lost interviews based on the fact that after 15 mins most people stop listening.  So we try to keep it at 15 but Rob has never cut a creator to end at 15. He goes till 15 and then used his judgment when the interview will end.

Watch Past SPoken SiNs Episodes here 


We also promote kickstarter on our site and during our weekly show Kickstarter talk


Watch last weeks Kickstarter Talk and past episodes here 



and we now do the 7 Deadly Kickstarter Questions which drill down to the point of your kickstarter

Introducing The 7 Deadly Kickstarter Questions

Finally we are always open to suggestions, in Fact most of what is above was requested after Rob Andersin came up with the 7 Deadly Questions so we are always open to new ideas!

So how can we help you today?

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