2018 Creator Cards Agreement is HERE .


This Link is being given to you because you expressed interest in this program and now through this agreemtnt you will  understand what it will entail 


While this Year will not Actually be cards the long term goal is to build a project that births Cards.  For this year we will be doing a Magzine that will look like a Binder full of trading cards. Those cards will be two sided but front and back will be side to side.  Meaning Front picture on left info on right. Each page by default will become part of a center fold.  This is done to eliminate the need to turn pages over to get details.  The pictures can be of anything a person wants however they must own the rights to the image and it can not be fan art. On the right the following info will be displayed :

 NAME ( if you use a nom de plum than put that) 

Location ie STATE, not city or town unless you want it on the card

You WEBSITE or @ for Facebook or Instagram no twitter  

you creative position IE Writer Artist etc and yes you can fill in multiple roles

Credits 5 most recent or popular your choice

email that will be current and people can reach out to you

                                                                                          One  short sentence to elevator pitch who you are 

                                                                                    We will be adding a short code that will lead to a WrittenSiNs profile or file


The profile will be if you’re new to our site to those who come often we will just set up a redirect link or category for you depending on your frequency.  Both will be full of info about you and your creation that you will tailor to your liking


there are only max of 135 spots open.  However, if a minimum of 108 spots isn’t filled by Oct we will allow for Comic books and Groups to be given their own cards. All cards will be printed horizontally, Name on front of Cards  will be optional names on back mandatory



The Finical Set up


To simplify the matter the follow conditions will apply:


There will be no profit sharing nor payments for work.  All work submitted will be done as a buy in to have the right to sell this book at future appearances and cons.  This cannot be sold online outside of the Sinsful Comics store or on Amazon. This Means once submitted the Creators Must sell the book to make a profit off the project, there are no royalties.


TO get a Copy you must BUY into a printing or PRINT the book on your own. Buy in Rates will be determined by the cost of printing we are able to arrange at that time and cost of shipping if the books are in fact shipped.


Example:  If an order of 1000 copies is made and the cost is around 2.00 a unit the Creator can buy as many copies as they want at 2.00, so long as they arrange pickup and or pay for shipping of the books.


To Print the BOOKS you are expected to print the BOOK AS IS.  Only SINSFUL COMICS LLC will have the right to alter projects.


Anyone found breaking this will be removed from the project and Banned from WrittenSins. This would include shortening the book to lower printing costs.


To BE CLEAR NO ONE MAKES A PENNY if they aren’t the ones selling it.  To EARN you have TO SELL the book.  Upon approval, all  required info and art/pictures for the project will become the property of Sinful Comics LLC to use indefinitely for this project alone. It cannot be used outside of Creator Cards Magazine with out written Permission.  This MEANS no Matter how Successful one creator is selling the book  that won’t change these terms unless:


If the Project is picked up by a Major PUBLISHER terms will change but will be negotiated by SINSFUL COMICS LLC.  If you do not agree to the Terms of a publisher distributing the book your card will be removed and replaced by a new creator.


These measures are in place to make sure Greed does not affect this project.

You can ask to your info removed from future printings but once submitted you wave all rights over published materials right or use. This clause is to protect other creators investments in this project. This means once you submit it will be printed and only by contacting Sinsful Comics will you be able to have it removed on future printings so that aren’t already in the process of being printed. This would include updating info. Anyone who uses art with out permission will liable for all damages and legal fee. To AVOID this don’t use art you do not own out right or have permission in righting to use





You MUST BE PUBLISHED.  Self Publishing Counts

You MUST BE over 18

You Must use original work.  nothing FAN related.

You Must go to comic cons and or have plans to go

You must not have a negative social media foot print.  That means if you are bragging about unfriending people rethink how you act online delete negative posts and act professionally at all times.





At the Onset of this project we are planning to raise capital to help with an initial print run. They way a successful Kickstarter will be handled will be in the following manner:


AFTER all COSTS OF REWARDS AND KICKSTARTER are used the reaming to give a discount on purchases of books.  Due to the expected size of this project and idea that a Kickstarter might only generate so much money we do not expect it to be able to generate free copies to anyone. Unless we all hustle and push the book. After all rewards and costs are done all creators involved will get an equal share.



We Can NOT CONTROL Printing costs at the beginning of this project.  We HOPE to keep it at or below 2.00 an issue but many factor may effect this.  As well we can not grantee the performance of the upcoming Kickstarter.




6 months to get to Kickstarter

August is Pre production

Sept Cards start getting made

Oct we end enrollment unless it fills before hand

NOV all Cards are looked over and approved

DEC Possible Kickstarter depending on how many creators are in project ready to go


NOW WE WOULD LOVE TO MOVE FASTER IF Possible but we won’t rush and jeopardize quality


These Terms May Change an if they Do notice will be given on changes.  All Due dates will be made clear in emails.  If you agree with these Terms please sign this and send a picture of a singed cop to SinsfulComics@yahoo.com













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