Demons, monsters, old gods. A fantasy Western that promises, death, chaos, and hope in the face of it all. .

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There is evil in this world. Demons, rampaging beasts…Texans…

For many in the world, there is only one hope to turn to. Harsk and his Riders, ruthless warriors against the encroaching darkness of the Pit. Defending the weak, destroyers of demons, and broken beyond any hope of repair.

But the Ride is changing. One day of recruiting will turn the Ride on its head, and many will never be the same again. All because of one poor child. Kait Demonborn is a Rider. Evil will never be prepared.


“Demon Riders,” is the first novella in the Rider series. The first ten chapters of life between Harsk and Kait as they battle evils in the world, while trying to find some truth and goodness between themselves. Illustrated by Eric Muller of Hand in Hand Artworks, with the cover by Alana Fletcher, come on in. Join the Ride, if you dare.

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