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From the writer:

“We were getting tired of all fantasy looking alike.
I was getting tired of my friend, Grey, not being recognized for his incredible artistic talent.
I was more than a little tired of the lack of representation in comics and fantasy. I think it’s time we agreed that it’s not satisfactory anymore to be seen as special interest groups. I think we’re past having a comic for the queer people, a comic for the people of color, here’s the comic with the body positivity, here’s the one where women are treated like people.

I’m Alexander. The pictures you’re looking at were done by my good friend Grey. Together, we’re creating a new fantasy world. A better one. A more inclusive one. Not without monsters, perils, dangers…sure. No world is perfect, and we want to keep ours interesting. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be able to create a fantasy world that anyone, anywhere, can easily start reading about and say ‘Look, there…that’s just like me’.”



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