It Started with a Eclipse and it ended with a Hurricane but it has come alive and launched off Kickstarter

Somethings even a writer couldn’t write.   Rob Andersin Wrote the Story of And They Call Us Monsters based on the love of the art of CGhirardo, and delayed the launch of the Kickstarter to make sure the story was ready for print.  What he didn’t know was by delaying it would now Launch on the Day of the Eclipse in North America,  and as it would end Irma would make him and family evacuate their home.  Rob Called the story a wild ride of Creation and the Kickstarter was full of excitement for him as well. The Excitement came as he had time problems due to Irma and felt he could not give the push needed to get the Kickstarter to fund.  However as Rob and his family evacuated many of his fellow Creators stepped up and shared his Kickstarter getting Rob and his team a Successfully funded Kickstarter with 50 Backers.  This is Rob’s third Story to be successfully funded on Kickstarter this year, and the 2nd time Chuk Pineau has edited a Rob Andersin project.  It was CGhirardo,  1st time on Kickstarter. Congrats to the Team Behind

And They Call Us Monsters 

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