A Kickstarter about Beauty even after the End Has come

(ATTN: This is an artbook, not a full-length film, comic or graphic novel but might be someday)

Angels & Gasmasks ” the complete series” art book full color 100 pages paperback & hardback is available in rewards. 

After 6 years of this art series, I have decided to wrap it up and make a complete book of all the models and some additional material including some never before seen pieces. The idea came to me in 2010 I began making a few images and building my concept for the series and soon after I had models flooding me with photoshoots and it was a hit. I quickly found my art in several local galleries and in a couple magazines local and international.

The idea was for a post-apocalyptic future where not even the Angels can protect us from our own selves and the world has become so vile with war and toxic chemicals that the earth is slowly dying. 

Here’s the trailer for the short film we did not long after the series got popular.


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